Learn To Tie A Tie – How To Guide For Older Guys

Learn To Tie A Tie
With The Rabbit And The Fox  –
How To Guide For Older Guys

This book is for the older guys. The Disneyesque artwork from the children’s version of “Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox” has been cast aside. The storybook has been condensed to bare bones Illustrations. Now, it’s just, cut to the chase, “how to tie a tie with the rabbit and the fox” in 6 easy steps…with some mnemonics thrown in for good measure.

The book contains 24 pages of story, instruction and tie-a-tie diagrams plus the lyrics to the song.  Listen to the story book version of the song for free by clicking the audio link below. Click a link to purchase the printed book from online retailers:


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There are versions of this book for boys and versions for girls. Click one of these links for information about the book in EnglishSpanish or Tagalog. Or you might like the How To Guide For Older Guys and the Gift For Boys In The Wedding Party. The last book for boys is called Ned Knows How To Knot A Neck Tie. Read about it here. And check out these learn to tie books created especially for GIRLS Here & Here & Here.

Sample Pages From Book

Click the audio file to hear the accompanying song in English for FREE.

Sing Along With The Rabbit and The Fox Song.

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If you want to remember the movements of the fox chasing the rabbit through the forest but you don’t want to be caught dead reading a children’s story book, this book is for you!

This quick start set of instructions for tying a tie via the rabbit and fox method is for teens or adults who might not be interested in the “kiddie” version of the story!

There are 6 basic movements to follow to complete a “four in hand” knot. For
generations, the instructions were passed from father to son by word of mouth through the tale of the rabbit and the fox.

That little story utilizes mnemonics – the art of memorizing something by associating it with words, phrases or sentences which have been especially designed to help you REMEMBER.

The illustrations in this “Quick Guide For Older Guys” will teach you that story without all of the storybook stuff that comes with the children’s books.

In 6 easy steps, your tie will be tied. Twice around the tree, under a bush, over a log, into the hole and the necktie is tied! Once your necktie is neatly knotted, you will look good and you’ll be ready to share what you know with the little guys.

Watch the original Rabbit and Fox Video.