Fleure the Fluorine-Horned Unicorn

Fleure’s Story

Fleure The Fluorine-Horned Unicorn From The Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically By The Metal Horn Unicorns Book

The world of unicorns is full of magic and wonder, and Fleure is a one-of-a-kind unicorn with her unique abilities and talents. Her fluorescent green color instantly catches the eye, and her iridescent butterfly wings make her stand out from the crowd. However, it’s her fluorine-horn which gives her the power to perform incredible feats of healing and beauty.

Fleure the Fluorine-horned unicorn is a magical member of the metal horn unicorns from Unimaise. She is the unicorn tooth fairy and can magically clean teeth with a touch of her horn. If any creature has a broken bone, a touch of her horn will heal the fracture and make the bones stronger. An interesting magical ability of Fleure’s is to be able to make the other unicorn’s hides water repellant which is very useful while traveling during rain storms. Fleure also has a magically artistic bent for etching beautiful patterns into glass.

The role of the tooth fairy is an important one, not just for unicorns, but also for humans. Fleure understands this and so she takes her job very seriously. Whenever a baby unicorn loses a tooth, it is Fleure who comes to collect the tooth and leaves a magical gift in its place.

Humans too have their own tooth fairy. Parents all around the world tell their children the story of the Tooth Fairy who will visit them in the night, collect their lost tooth and leave some money or gifts for them. While the idea of a tooth fairy may seem like pure fantasy, there is actually some history behind it. In the Middle Ages, it was common practice for people to keep their children’s teeth as a good-luck charm. This practice slowly evolved to leaving teeth out for the fairies who were believed to inhabit trees. Over time, fairies were replaced by tooth fairies who would leave coins or gifts for children in exchange for their teeth.

Fleure may be a magical creature, but her job is no less important than the human tooth fairy. The health of a unicorn’s teeth is vital to their well-being, just as it is for humans. She can use her horn to clean teeth which is incredibly useful for anyone suffering from dental problems. Her touch is gentle, but the effect is magical, leaving teeth clean and healthy.By cleaning their teeth with the magic of her horn, Fleure helps to ensure that unicorns are healthy and strong.

Fleure’s ability to heal broken bones is also very important. In a world where unicorns are always on the move, accidents can happen. But with Fleure’s magical touch, broken bones can be healed in an instant. As soon as she touched the injury, the bones mend, and the area is strengthened, making it less likely to happen again. This ability has made her invaluable to her community, and she is often called upon to heal other unicorns when they are injured.

Fleure’s artistic talent is perhaps her most unusual ability. She has a natural talent for etching intricate designs into glass and her creations are highly sought after. Her etchings are not just beautiful to look at, but they also have magical properties. Some of her etched glass pieces have the power to make objects levitate or to produce a calming effect.

Unicorns are often associated with rainbows, but anyone who has spent time around these magical creatures knows that they also have a keen sense of pragmatism. Fleure’s ability to make the other unicorn’s hides water repellant is a perfect example of this. It’s not just about looking good, it’s about being able to travel safely and efficiently.

Fleure the Fluorine-horned unicorn may be a fictional character, but her role as the tooth fairy and healer is a reminder of the importance of taking care of our teeth and bones. Her artistic talent and practical sense are also inspiring and remind us that there is magic to be found all around us. Fleure is a reminder that there is always a little bit of magic in the world, even if we can’t always see it.

Fleure is an excellent example of how unicorns can be both magical and practical. She takes her abilities seriously and uses them to help others. She is also a great source of inspiration for other unicorns who may not have found their unique talents yet. Her creative flair is something to be admired, and the fact that her creations are both magical and practical makes them all the more special. Unimaise is lucky to have Fleure as a member, and she is sure to continue to amaze and inspire others for years to come.

In the Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically By The Metal Horn Unicorns, readers are briefly introduced to Fleure, the Fluorine Horned Unicorn.


No Metal No Magic - Fleure, the Fluorine-Horned magical Unicorn introduces this Halogen element  from the Periodic Table to readers of Magical elements of The Periodic Table  - Presented Alphabetically By The Metal-Horn Unicorns. Fleure is the unicorn tooth fairy. She can magically clean teeth and many other surfaces with a touch of her horn.

This is the front side of the game card for Fleure the Fluorine Horned Unicorn. Click the pic to take a look at all the fun info on the back. Use it as a memorization tool, a trading card or as science class prizes and rewards.

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The Metal Horn Unicorns Make Science Magical

This periodic table reference page is brought to you by the Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically By The Metal Horn Unicorns book. They say, “No Metal – No Magic…and No Technology”.

Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically By The Metal Horn Unicorns. They say, "No Metal No Magic...and No Technology". Written by Sybrina Durant with Illustrations By Pumudi Gardiyawasam.

In this unique alphabet book, members of the Metal Horn Unicorn Tribe present 26 Magical Elements of the Periodic Table in alphabetical order.  Each member of the tribe has a metal horn and hooves. They also have magical powers based on the properties of their metals.
Alumna starts out the book by introducing the very necessary metal, aluminum, on her element page. Dr. Zinko rounds out the alphabet by presenting facts and other fun information about the metal, zinc, on his element page.  Other members of the Metal Horn Tribe from Unimaise, plus some of their magical elemental friends, will give some great insight into the properties of 23 additional pure metals from the periodic table. 

There is one special unicorn in the book whose horn and hooves are an alloy created by combining copper and zinc. Cornum, the Brass Horned unicorn will reveal some interesting things about that metal.
While not all elements in the Periodic Table are represented by letters of the alphabet, some in this book, are introduced by alternate designations.  For instance, Tungsten is also known as Wolfram so “W” is used as the entry for that alphabetical letter in this book.  The letter “W” is also used as the atomic symbol for tungsten in all periodic tables.
Each element page in this book contains terms that might not be completely familiar.  Refer to the definitions in the back of the book to get a clear understanding of each meaning.  There is also a fun unicorn themed Periodic Table at the back of the book. 
The Metal Horn unicorns from Unimaise and their other techno-magical unicorn friends are the perfect group to introduce you to metals and other elements in the Periodic Table.  Hopefully the Magical Elements of this periodic table book will spark an interest in the magical and real world properties of all the metals and other elements known today.  You may be surprised at how prominently they feature in our every day lives.

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The Magical Unicorn Elementals from the book, Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically By The Metal Horn Unicorns written by Sybrina Durant and Illustrated by Pumudi Gardiyawasam

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Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically By The Metal Horn Unicorns

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