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The books in this online store are brought to you by Sybrina Durant, author of the Learn To Tie With The Rabbit and the Fox series of books. Her Learn To Tie books include Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit and the Fox in English, Spanish and Tagalog plus Ned Knows How To Tie A Neck Tie, Nellie Knows How To Tie A Neck Scarf and her newest, Cleo Can Tie A Bow. If you love bows, visit The Girls Love Bows Gift Shop for all kinds of bow themed gifts.

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Learn To Tie Books By

Sybrina Durant

Boo’s Shoes – A Rabbit and Fox Story: Learn To Tie Shoelaces

Learn To Tie Books By Others

Bonnie The Bunny: The Shoe Tying Adventure

By Valerie Nelson

18 Ways to Tie a Necktie – Men’s Ties & Necktie Knots Illustrated Guide

By Antonio Centeno

Tie Your Shoes With Uncle Derek

By Derek Chard

How To Dress Up With Shirt and Tie

By Leandra Williams

Red and Blue: Lefties Tie Shoes Too

By Julie Schultz

How Mason Became Captain Shoelace

By Carmen Lanae

Tie Your Shoes: Bunny Ears

By Kay Story

The Handy Book Of Knots

By Geoffrey Budworth

My Shoelaces Are Hard To Tie!

By Karla Roberson

Sarah’s Shoes

By Samantha Tucker

The Shoelace Box

By Elizabeth Winthrop

Happy Laces

By y Silvia Autorino Galombik

The Shoelace Book – A Mathematical Guide

By Burkard Polster

Neckties: A Practical Guide To Buying Neckties

By Mark Davids

Cuthbert the Crab and his Shoelace Shenanigans

By Sally Beattie

The Silly Rabbit and Me: Learning How To Tie Your Shoes

By Karen Knapp

Shoelaces Are Really Tricky!

By Gabi Noble-Jamieson

The History of Ties

By Kevin Thompson

Tie My Shoe

By Rhyeshona StrickLand

The Book Of Knots

By Robb Rokk

Noah and Logan Learn To Tie Their Sneakers

By Benjamin K. M. Kellogg

How To Tie Your Shoes

By Cottage Door Press

Shoe Tie Hoedown: A Fun Way To Tie Your Shoes

By Charles W Page

How To Teach Your Child To Tie Shoelaces

By Steven Price

How To Tie Your Shoes – Simple Explanations of Different Methods

By jlass Jackeline

How To Tie Your Shoes

By Tazher Jani

Mrs Chew Can Tie Your Shoes

By Michelle & KM Garner

Awesome Tie Knots

By Michael Melrose

Jayden Tie Your Shoes

By Tracie Harden

Karina and Jean Tie Shoelaces Together In The Woods

By Abdelaziz ilidrissi

Snug and Tight: A Shoe Tying Adventure

By Erica Musheno

Einstein’s Shoelaces

By Jennifer Menon-Parker

How To Tie A Tie: A Gentleman’s Guide

By Potter Style

22 Cool Ways To Tie Your Shoes

By Jones Bernard

Benjamin Blue Can Tie His Shoes

By Ms. Windy

Knot Tying Game

By Channel Craft

I Can Tie My Own Shoelaces

By Oakley Graham

My First Tie

By Carla Davis

The Zoo’s Shoes: Learn to Tie Your Shoelaces!

By Lynn Brunelle

Charlie Shoe and the Great Lace Mystery

By RJ Furness

Gerald Learned To Tie His Shoes

By Ginger Galloway

Sydney Bunny Learns to Tie

By Deborah Schnell

Look! I Can Tie My Shoes

By Susan Hood

Mr. Tanen’s Ties

By Maryann Cocca-Leffler

Learn To Tie Shoes With Santa Clause

By Lacing School

Maliya Learns To Tie Her Shoes

By Makesha Henderson M.A.Ed.

My First Book Of Knots

By Berndt Sundsten

Cool Ways to Tie Your Shoes: 20 Creative Shoelace Designs

By Applesauce Press

How To Tie A Shoe & Other Big Adventures

By Skip Hill

Little Miss Bianca Blue Wanted to Learn… Tie Her Shoes

By Esther Bautista

My First Tie: The Adventures of Coach and Little Dell

By Tanae Denean Eskridge and Brandon M. Frame

Daddy Teach Me How To Tie My Shoelaces

By Harmel Deanne Cody JD-MBA

Betty Lou Tie Your Shoe

By Carolyn Pelkey

Ezra Ties His Shoes

By Crystal Jasmine

The Helpful Shoelace

By Pam Adams

Walt Disney’s Goofy Shoelace Book

By Walt Disney Company

Aubree Aces Her Laces

By Tracilyn George

Pirates of the Caribootin: Following the map to shoe-tying success

By Bethanie Allen

10 Fundamental Shoe Tying Steps

By Mary E. Reliford

I Can Tie My Shoes

By Chris Simms

Space Ranger Fred and The Shoelace Adventure

By Matt Newnham

It’s A Shoelace

By Sue Hendra

Mr. Shoelace and the Ice Skate Adventure

By Juan Carlos Colla

I Can Tie My Shoes!

By Umm Jannah

It’s A Shoelace!

By Sue Hendra

Yani The Yeti and the Power of Yet

By Katie Mense

The Geeky Guys’ Guide To Tying Your Shoeslaces

By Lord Falcon Redclaw Hamster-Cuddles

Shoelaces Are Impossible

By Ed Allen and Nathaniel Eckstrom

Why Shoelaces Come Untied?

By Barb Keeling

Zed’s Red Shoelaces

By Ann Bunbak

Teddy Ties His Shoelaces

By Nicola Baxter


By Thomas Ni

Rabbit And Fox Books By Others

Carl and the Meaning of Life

By Deborah Freedman

Brer Rabbit Rides The Fox

By Marion (Walt Disney) Palmer

Little Rabbit Has Friends

By Marcus Herrenberger

The Fox and The Rabbit

By Marcus Jefferies

Zootopia – Junior Novel

By Suzanne Francis

Bunny Trouble Treasury

By Hans Wilhelm

The Rabbit’s House

By Mikhail Bulatov

Derek Rabbit and Wiley Fox Share A Meal

By Matt Higgins

Into The Forest

By Laura Baker

Pablo Forgot His Lunch

By Raymond Zulueta

The Rabbit And The Fox

By Jacqui Shepherd

The Adventures of Penelope Whipple Dimple: The Silver Bell Forest

The Red Fox, The Golden Lion, The White Rabbit and the Great Bear

By Sallie Becker

The Fox and the Rabbit

By Keith Gaines

Brave Bunny and Fox

By Ludmila Voevodina

The Blue Door

By David McPhail


By Sue Williams

The Rabbit Napoleon and the Lady Fox

By Roger Max

The Royal Rabbits of London Escape From The Tower

By Santa Montefiore

Cotton’s: The White Carrot

By Jim Pascoe

Good Night Sleep Tight

By Kristina Andres

Little Sister Rabbit and Fox

By Ulf Nilsson

Rabbit’s Nap and Fox’s Socks

By Julia Donaldson

Three Rabbits (and a fox) Video

Peter Rabbit and Reddy Fox

By Thornton W. Burgess

The Origin of Day and Night

By Paula Ikuutaq Rumbolt

Fox and Little Rabbit

By Elise Bryant

The Legendary Story of F.O.X. & H.O.P.P.S.

By Terry Reese

Pink Rabbit meets the Fox and other Wild Animals

By Hamish Collin

The Story of the Fox and White Rabbit

By Mateja Klaric

Tales From Acorn Wood – Friends

By Julia Donaldson


By Chris Saunders

Rabbit Bunny And The Wily Fox

By KMF 1313

Rabbit Mistrust

By Nihed Boutera

Fox and Rabbit – Unlikely Friends

By Serena Williams

Agent Fox

By Ge Shuiying

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Please note: Sybrina is an Amazon Associate and Influencer, so you can feel safe making a purchase from this online store because each link goes directly to the book’s Amazon page. At this point you may be wondering…why not just go straight to Amazon. The reason is simple. Sybrina accepts no money for advertising so you can be assured that the books you see in her online store are not simply limited to who pays the most to have their book up front. You will be amazed at what you will find here. And if you don’t find a particular book that you feel should be here, just send Sybrina an email at Sybrina at with the book title and author’s name. She will accommodate almost all requests to include a new (or old) “Learn To Tie”, “Manual Dexterity” or “Rabbit and Fox” book or gift in her online store.

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