Win A Book and Long Sleeve Tee with Kids Did It and Mommy Island – Winter Is Coming Giveaway Hop

Win A Book and Long Sleeve Tee with Kids Did It and Mommy Island – Winter Is Coming Giveaway Hop

Sybrina’s Review of The Defeat of Yamboo the Closet Monster

Who hasn’t known a child who didn’t see or hear monsters in their bedroom at night? I can remember when my daughter was very young, she saw the characters from the mural on her wall reaching out menacingly to touch her. She was so anxious; I ended up having to paint over the entire work […]

A Letter To My Grandchild by Orly Assa

Sybrina’s Review of “A Letter To My Grandchild from The Grandmother Tells Series” Written by: Orly Assa and Illustrated by Mentol

So, put your little one on your lap and read this book before their nap.

Sybrina’s Review of “Monte Travels The Rainforest” by D.J. Thomas and many talented photographers

Flying Foxes, Chimpanzees and Cobras – Oh My! I bet you never knew that Monsters love adventures, too! Monte, the Monster sure does and he is a fantastic rain forest tour guide. This clever little monster travels through forests and along river banks encountering many of Africa’s residents, snapping all of their pics along the […]

Sybrina’s Review of “Your Special Space” Written by: Sagit Cohen and Illustrated by Mahfuja Selim

Hey Moms…Do you remember how excited you were when you were awaiting the arrival of your newborn? There was so much to think about and so much to do. You experienced extreme joy and wonder. You were filled with so many questions and just a little bit of fear of the unknown. But most of […]

The Legend of Wally Gonkers by R.R. Howroar

The Legend of Wally Gonkers By Matthew Lorentzen

This book takes place in a fanciful landscape of lemon meringue rocks made by a magical pieman and scattered about by thought thunking robots!  The main character, Wally, invents a sport which involves throwing golden goo balls at hoops positioned at the tops of those very tall mountainous rocks.  The players all wear helmets which […]

Hi My Name Is Bobo by James Gordon

Review of Hi, My Name Is Bobo by James Gordon

James is not a typical 5th grader. This boy’s a real thinker. Wondering if God’s gonna get mad for this reason or that and why adults can do things that kids are told not to…. His life is one of rituals – dinner with the family, just like the white kids on t.v.; watching great […]

Mystery of the Alligator Swamp by M.J. Cyrus

Review of Mystery of the Alligator Swamp by M. J. Cyrus

I love stories where the animals are anthropomorphized; in other words given human characteristics. Not since the days when Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer bounced upon the scene, have we been introduced to more exciting characters from the Deer genus.   Chief Inspector Bo Deerson of the Deerland Protection Department is called to action when a […]

Adventurers of a Mad Sixth Grader Frank 'n' Asian Man by Stephen Zanzucchi

Review of Adventures Of A Mad Sixth Grader: Frank “n” Asian Man by Stephen Zanzucchi

Wow…never thought I’d meet the great-great-great grandson of Dr. Frankenstein in a book! This kid, Frank, is the real deal. He’s inherited all of the imaginative and scientific thought processes of his long gone relative. Enough, in fact, to give life to his very own monster, Ping, who he hopes will save him from being […]