Article – How To Become A Children’s Book Editor: A Beginner’s Guide

How To Become A Children’s Book Editor: A Beginner’s Guide. Explore a career in children’s book editing if you have a passion for literature and the written word. Learn about the various roles available and the necessary educational and professional steps to take to become a successful children’s book editor in this informative article.

Introducing Matilda and The White Winter in the Snow Forest by Massimo Coloso

Introducing Matilda and The White Winter in the Snow Forest by Massimo Coloso. For ages 8 to 18. This book is for children and young people of all ages that recounts the adventures of a sweet crow who, finding herself alone in a snowy forest during a particularly harsh winter, has unique experiences that allow her to observe the same world in which she has always lived, for the first time, with new eyes.The fox dens, the tree dwellings of squirrels, and some unexpected encounters will make her stay in the Snow Forest less lonely than she’d planned. This tale prompts the reader to reflect on the beautiful things that life offers daily, which are often hidden behind the ‘veil of the eyes.’A book for young and old alike that transports you into a world of fantasy and adventure among the inhabitants of an undiscovered Snow Forest.

Introducing 6 Books Written by James Dashner You Must Read

Introducing 6 Books Written by James Dashner You Must Read. ames Dashner is a best-selling American author of science fiction and young adult literature. His most notable works include The Maze Runner series, The 13th Reality series, and his latest book, The Rule of Thoughts. He has also written several non-fiction books such as Writing to entice, Game Your Brain and Awakened Imaginations.

Introducing Skyway Studios Coloring Books

Introducing Skyway Studios Coloring Books.They have some great coloring books for kids. Some of my favorites are Cool Dinosaur, Unicorn, Awesome Mermaids, Robot, Easy Vehicles and Outer Space!

Introducing Buck & The Boy By Marco Mcdewey

Introducing Buck & the Boy By Marco Mcdewey. Genres: Two-Hour Literature & Fiction Short Reads, Religious & Inspirational Fiction, Action & Adventure Fiction. When Dustin first runs into the scrawny but fierce Buck, little does he know what is in store for him. Follow along as Dustin spends his days fishing, hunting, biking, and making new friends.

But what happens when his best friend is in danger? Can Dustin help him out without betraying his trust?

Buck n the boy is a deeply affecting story of forming lasting friendships beyond first impressions, overcoming loss and hardship with the support of one’s trusted companions, forgiveness, and reconciliation. The tenderness at the heart of this story will leave you teary-eyed but with a smile on your face.

Introducing Felix The Wannabe Firefly By Jacqueline Marie

Introducing Felix The Wannabe Firefly By Jacqueline Marie. Genre: Children’s Picture Book. Being a firefly is what Felix wants most. But that’s the one thing Felix is not. Hes a glowworm. All the fireflies tease him because hes just a glowworm. But when the leader of the firefly pack, Bruno, is captured in a jar, its up to Felix to save him. Even though hes not a firefly, does Felix the Wannabe Firefly have what it takes to rescue Bruno?

Introducing Bubba Puppin Adventure Dog – Bubba’s On The Naughty List By Lou Lou

Introducing Bubba Puppin Adventure Dog – Bubba’s On The Naughty List By Lou Lou. Genres: Children’s Dog Books & Children’s Animal Action & Adventure. Bubba Puppin Adventure Dog is a fun bedtime story about Bubba the yellow lab that is a normal dog by day and an adventure dog by night. When his family goes to sleep he leaves on his secret rocket ship to go on adventures. In tonight’s adventure, it’s Christmas Eve and Bubba gets on the NAUGHTY list! He has to go to the North Pole, find Santa, and get off the naughty list before Christmas is over.

Introducing Wabbles The Happy Little Hippo By Darlene Rakestraw

Wabbles The Happy Little Hippo:
A collection of four stories By Darlene Rakestraw With Illustrations By Barrett Rakestraw. Genres: Children’s Multigenerational Family Life and Children’s Animals Books. This is a large picture book of 105 pages, containing a collection of four different short adventure stories. Wabbles is a curious and friendly little hippo. She loves to swim in her pond out in the pasture, but is always ready for a new adventure.

Introducing Brutus Gets A Friend By Kelsi Donnellon

Introducing Brutus Gets A Friend By Kelsi Donnellon. Children’s Picture Book. Mr. Brutus is a lonely dog. During the week his moms go to work and his brothers all go to school. But today the family has a surprise for Brutus….a new puppy friend named Zeke! Will Brutus and Zeke get along? What kind of fun will they have together? Read and find out!

Introducing The Gospel Activity Book of Bible Stories by Mr. Ukay J. Ekong

Introducing The Gospel Activity Book of Bible Stories for Preschooler’s and Kids ages 6-8: A Super Fun Tool For Beginners To Learn The Bible by Mr. Ukay J. Ekong with Illustrations By Audeva Joseph

Genres: Black & African American Christian Fiction, Early Childhood Education, Education Workbooks.
The Gospel Activity Book of Bible Stories for Toddlers and Kids Ages (6-8) is an absolute must-have! The first and only activity book for kids, providing perspective and diversity in the genre of black bible stories for children, without forcing colorful illustrations to every page. This way we allow our kids imagination to be as creative as possible and run free throughout the history each page depicts. What’s most exciting for all our customers- but especially black and brown customers, is how much detail of black culture is featured. Historically the mention of Ancient Egypt, and the African continent doesn’t always connect the dots so we wanted to turn up the volume. However, whether your kids are black, white, yellow or purple this book delivers the goods. They can be new to Bible stories or already love Jesus, and still our book can add value, plus the perfect type of vibe to align with any youth ministry.

Introducing Moonstar Love Letter By Amet Xhelili

Introducing Moonstar Love Letter By Amet Xhelili. Genre: Children’s Picture Book. The Moonstar visits children who are sad for various reasons. The Moonstar helps them to open their hearts. He helps them to let go of their sadness and feel the love and joy they have inside. He reminds them of what they really are: shining stars and pure love.

Introducing Baby Jesus: A Christian Christmas, Holiday Nativity Story By Suzette Alexander

Introducing Baby Jesus: A Christian Christmas, Holiday Nativity Story By Suzette Alexander – Genre’s: Children’s Holiday Books, Children’s Christianity Books, Children’s Christmas Books. This is a heartwarming tribute to Jesus’ birth as the King of kings. This lyrical rendition of the manger story will delight you and your family. This book is the perfect, Christian Christmas gift for kids, to encourage their faith and understanding of the holy birth. It will become a Christmas tradition you’ll enjoy every year. As you witness your child’s growth and comprehension of the true meaning of Christmas.

Introducing Faces by Raisa Pilar Nse Edjang

Introducing Faces by Raisa Pilar Nse Edjang. 𝘍𝘈𝘊𝘌𝘚 is a fun, imaginative and educational coloring book, and it was created by Raisa Pilar Nse Edjang for everyone who dares to express themselves. 𝓔𝓶𝓫𝓻𝓪𝓬𝓮 𝓨𝓸𝓾𝓻 𝓘𝓷𝓭𝓲𝓿𝓾𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓼𝓶

Get it Faces Coloring Book in English and Spanish.

Introducing The Tooth Fairy Quits By Megan Pighetti

Introducing The Tooth Fairy Quits By Megan Pighetti. Genre: Children’s Books About Birthdays. Suzie loves spreading joy to children, but being a tooth fairy is no easy task. Annoyed with gross teeth and a scratchy tutu, Suzie turned in her tooth fairy wand. She QUITS the only job she’s ever known! While Suzie doesn’t miss her tutu, she misses spreading joy to children. When one child wishes for a Birthday Fairy, the other fairies don’t know what to do. Suzie flies into action with a new look for a new job. Read my review.

Introducing Mate & Rix Escape Boredom By Jolie Curran

Introducing Mate & Rix Escape Boredom (A Math Caper Regrouping) By Jolie Curran with illustrations by Frans Vischer.

Kids will love the story and the funny illustrations. Parents and educators will appreciate how the story and pictures make understanding double-digit addition stress-free and easy. Turn a kid’s math anxiety into math confidence.

A boring night at the pet store turns into a night of fun when Mate and Rix build a fort using addition with regrouping.

Introducing Bentley Hippo – Books For Kids and Teens By Indie Authors – Catalog First Edition

Bentley Hippo – Books For Kids and Teens By Indie Authors – Catalog First Edition. Bentley’s Book Club Elite Books 4 Kids is a collection of stories from self-published authors around the globe. The book club features reviews from Junior Reviewers (ages 5 – 8) representing 5 countries. As Indie authors, we all have our stories and reasons for writing, and the sad reality is that many books are never found in the mounds of books published daily. Through Bentley’s Book Club and the Elite Books 4 Kids Catalog 100 books by 48 authors are shared in the first addition of this catalog. It is planned to be an annual online publication featuring self-published books. The books included in this publication cover topics such as kindness, friendship, courage, imagination, grief, climate change to name a few. All with important topics and themes written by very talented and passionate authors. Books range from pre-k up to middle grade and teens. You are sure to find your next great read. Happy Browsing.

Introducing Asleep Now! My Baby Sleep Recipes By Jessica Ram

Introducing Asleep Now! My Baby Sleep Recipes: Gentle Sleep Solutions, Baby Sleep Aids, Book for Parents By Jessica Ram. Your baby is not sleeping well? Welcome to the club! We always hope that our babies sleep well. However, the reality often looks different. Soon you realize – your little sweetheart doesn’t sleep easily. A few nights pass and you are tired and exhausted. But believe me, there is hope! Try out my sleep recipes!
… because more sleep is good for the whole family!

Introducing Golden Cookies By E’Laiya London-Ashlyn Cuthrell

Introducing Golden Cookies By E’Laiya London-Ashlyn Cuthrell. Golden Cookies is a journey of a wise man who wants to spread positivity everywhere through his very special golden cookies. His cookies make people act and think positively. They bring exceptional changes in even the most mean-hearted people and make their behavior kind and loving towards those around them. Get a bite of the golden cookies as you read this book and all you have ever wished for on the positive side of life may come to you.

Introducing Turkey’s Escape Plan by Julia Zheng

Introducing Turkey’s Escape Plan: A Funny Thanksgiving Bedtime Story with an Unexpected Ending By Julia Zheng with illustrations by Nurul Ashari. Genres: Children’s Safety Books, Children’s Runaway Books, Children’s Folk Tales & Myths. Turkey from Cranberry Farm hears that he will be eaten for Thanksgiving dinner. Fearing for his life, he comes up with some escape plans and turns to his friends for help. However, on Thanksgiving evening, Turkey is safe and sound. Curious to know why? Find out the answers in Turkey’s Escape Plan.

Introducing Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles by Dr. Terance Shipman

Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles 123 by Dr. Terance Shipman with illustrations by Milan Ristic. Genre: Children’s Multiculturalism & Tolerance This engaging book teaches children how to count to twenty using numbers, words, and pictures. I love the variety of pictures that Dr. Shipman used to go along with the numbers. Children will be excited to count pumpkins, candy canes, and hamburgers.