Cleo Can Tie A Bow – A Rabbit and Fox Story

Cleo Can Tie A Bow is by Sybrina Durant with illustrations by Pumudi Gardiyawasam.

Cleo loves bows. She wears her hair in a bow and decorates her room with bows. Cleo is bow crazy.

Learning to tie a bow is very difficult for some people but Cleo remembers how to do it from a cute story she once heard.  It is about a little rabbit with very long ears and a very helpful fox who shows her what to do to keep them clean.

This is the story of how Cleo learned to tie a “bunny ear” bow.

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Sybrina is the author of the Rabbit and Fox series of “Learn To Tie Books” which include the books “Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit and the Fox” in English, Spanish and Tagalog; plus “Nellie Knows How To Knot A Neck Scarf” and “Ned Knows How To Knot A Neck Tie.”

Exercises in manual dexterity build self-esteem in children. Knowing how to tie shoe-strings, scarves and more into a bow is a useful and rewarding skill.

“Teach a child a useful skill. Build confidence and self-esteem that lasts a lifetime.”

Enjoy a few pics from the book!

Home Made Book Trailer. Enjoy.

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More Fun Book Trailers

Semi-Animated Book Trailer. Enjoy.
Another animated Cleo Book Trailer. I keep trying! LOL

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