Gift For Boys In Wedding Party

Gift For Boys In Wedding Party – Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit and The Fox

Planning a wedding? The hardest gifts of appreciation to purchase are for the boys in the wedding party. Show the ring bearer, ushers and even the youngest groomsmen that you appreciate their participation in making your wedding special by giving them this little book before the ceremony. Even the very youngest will be proud to say, “I tied this tie myself.” Include a warm note of gratitude inside the book from the bride and groom to make this a forever keepsake.

The book contains 24 pages of story, instruction and tie-a-tie diagrams plus the lyrics to the song.  Listen to the story book version of the song for free by clicking the audio link below.

Adlibris – Paperback

Get it at the following stores:

Amazon – Square – Paperback or Mini-Rectangle – Paperback

Barnes and Nobles – Paperback

Books A Million – Mini Book – Paperback

Fishpond – Mini Book – Paperback

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Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox is not just for weddings.  And it’s not just for boys, either.  There are versions for boys and for girls. They are all available in ebook, print and hardback.  Click one of these links for information about the book in EnglishSpanish or Tagalog. Or you might like the How To Guide For Older Guys and the Gift For Boys In The Wedding Party. The last book for boys is called Ned Knows How To Knot A Neck Tie. Read about it here. And check out these learn to tie books created especially for GIRLS Here & Here & Here.

Sample Pages From The Book

Read a sample of the book,“Gift For Boys In The Wedding Party—

Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox”.

It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

This book helps build self-esteem!.

Click the audio file to hear the accompanying song in English for FREE.

Sing Along With The Rabbit and The Fox Song.

Buy the MP3 for the song in English language at Amazon. Or at Itunes.

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