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 Today’s Unicorn Book Feature is

Chasing Shadows

 By Jules Barrie

When was the last time you checked your shadow?
Mankind had never paid too much attention to their own shadows. Those dark, mysterious obedient things that follow their every footstep and fickle gestures. No one ever questioned them or, more importantly what happened to them when they vanished at the close of each passing day. Little did the human world know or, even suspect that the shadows were once a mighty and proud race. Who for centuries had waged a ruthless and bitter war against mankind, only to suffer a final and fatal defeat. Their lasting punishment, to be tied to the foot of man for all eternity. At least, that was the plan, until by some freak of fortune, some dark and sinister circumstance.
One shadow managed to set himself free from these shackles and escape his captor. In doing so he embarked on liberating other shadows. His aim was to establish an underworld, where they could re-build their lives, re-train their armies and return to power on earth.
The shadow leader, one ‘Solus Spya’, resembled all the bad things from the negative of an old black and white photograph, had learnt that the bond between human and shadow was only sufficiently weakened by the humans death. Hence, this evil creature spent most of his time lurking in graveyards and taking joy from humans despair.
The only human defense to the potential onslaught was an innocent young girl who led a fairly ordinary life. Like all teenagers, she was desperate to be accepted by her peers and longed to be the centre of attention by all who knew her. Unwittingly, she and her best friend stumbled across the shadows and what started off as a young girl’s prank almost culminated in catastrophe for her and all the people she cared for. In her battle with the shadows she embarks on a journey of self-learning and self-acceptance. She faces her greatest fears and insecurities, in doing so, she is able to confront the might of the shadows and establish her own true identity. During the adventure she learns what true friendship means. Her best friend joins her in the quest as they face real and desperate challenges that push them to their limits, but ultimately they come through it, stronger than before.
In the adventure, she is assisted by mans greatest and oldest ally, the unicorn. A mighty proud beast that devoted its life and very being to protect mankind. He has the power to overcome the shadow’s only weakness, which is exposure to bright light. The unicorn can use his great powers, thundering speed and alicorn to generate blinding and lethal light, which is the only way to defeat them. During the adventure the girl and the unicorn become good friends. A friendship that will last their complete lifetimes. In doing so, she resurrects his faith in man and rekindles his passion and love for them.
The heroine also has to call on the help of a fallen angel, whose name is Ark. Ark has some rather serious attitude problems, when she is good she is beauty and loyalty personified. However, she feeds off fear, weakness and above all evil, using it to become a sinister deadly creature that will devour anything in its path. The young girl has to win over Ark or, face oblivion, as such the two face an uneasy partnership.
The girl’s efforts are almost thwarted by her other nemesis, her history teacher ‘Mr. Jones’. He is desperate to make his mark in the academic world and suspects that his pupil has stumbled across something incredible, which is of immense importance. He is motivated by greed and vanity, becoming obsessive about uncovering the truth to the world. During the story they try to out wit each other, sometimes with humorous consequences.
Friendship, battles, thunderous noises, blinding lights, defeat and victory are the key foundations to the book. It’s a journey that one small person is prepared to take, whilst the rest of the world sleeps in blissful ignorance.
The end of the book is just the beginning.
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