Little Kid Unicorn Book Feature – The Ring, the Sword, and the Unicorn

Little Kid Unicorn Book Feature – The Ring, the Sword and the Unicorn By James M. Ward

You’ll show them! Your brother and sister don’t believe that the forest behind your house is enchanted and filled with all kinds of magical beasts. You know better. What’s more, you’re going to prove it!

You might be a kid, but you’re brave! And you can outsmart any creatures you meet on the way…you hope!

Thundering hoofbeats startle you as you stand before three paths. Spinning around, you see a giant white unicorn charging straight at you! The animal leaps and sails over you, landing on the path to the right.

Now, will you take the center path and pick up THE RING?

The path that leads to THE SWORD?

Or the path taken by THE UNICORN?

The choice is yours!

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