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Cleo can tie a bow. She learned what she knows from a rabbit and a fox. They can teach your
child how to tie a bow, too. This fun picture book is intended to be a family bonding parent-child
activity. It’s a great way to learn to tie shoelaces.




When and where do you prefer to write?

I prefer daytime writing over evenings. My home office window has a lovely view of a beautiful lake scene. I enjoy getting to observe the movements of nature as I write. There are always birds and squirrels in the
yard. Sometimes I see an eagle pair soaring overhead. It is all quite charming and calming.

Do you have a certain ritual?

I usually have to have total silence when I’m writing but once in a great while, I feel the need for music. Sometime that’s because I am writing a musical scene and I want to get in the mood for it. Other times, I am writing an actual song for a book and I end up going over it again and again before sending it off to an
instrumentalist and singer. The Cleo Can Tie A Bow song went through several iterations before it ended up like it does now. By the way…something you might want to keep in mind if you ever write a song for a book. Make sure it is at least 1 minute and 1 second long, otherwise you won’t be able to get it licensed for air play on Itunes, Spotify and other streaming services. Cleo’s song was originally only 30 seconds long. After
Tunecore, the licensing organization I use, rejected it for being too short, I ended up having to add another verse and I also had to re-hire both the musician and singer. That could have all been avoided, had I known about the minimum play time rule. So, I hope this tip helps save others extra time and money.

Do you like a drink or something to nibble on while you write?

I pretty much forget to eat or drink when I’m writing and creating I get so involved in what I am doing that time flies. But after I’m finished for the day, I certainly enjoy a nice glass of red wine…with ice. Yes, I am that gauche! LOL

Do you consider writing a different genre or do you already do that?

I have written in a few different genres over the past 40 years. My first “book” ended up being a 4 Volume
compilation of phrases called Sybrina’s Phrase Thesaurus. I’ve also written a unicorn fantasy which evolved into several books. The last book that I’ve nearly finished writing for it will be called The Marbryn Compendium. It will detail and give back-stories to the characters, places and magic found in Journey To Osm – The Blue Unicorn’s Tale. Now that Cleo Can Tie A Bow has been published, I think I’ve finally finished all of the different versions for the Learn To Tie With The Rabbit and The Fox series of books. You never really know, though. It took nearly 30 years for the bow book to present itself to me. Rather than writing actual books, I spend most of my time now promoting and marketing the books that have already been published.

What is/are your favourite book(s)?

I’m not sure if you’re referring to favorite books that I wrote or other people’s books. If we’re talking about others, then I’d have to say Anne Rice is my favorite author of all time. I adore her vampire, Lestat. I am also really fond of Piers Anthony’s unicorn books. His Adept series contains some really clever writing. My favorite books are mostly science fiction and fantasy. Over the years, I’ve ready 20 or 30 Dr. Who books by various authors. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is one of the most frightening books I ever read and it is one of my all-time favorites. There are elements in it that remind me of what is happening in the world today. Do you sometimes base your characters on people you know? I never base my character on people I know. I don’t know a single real person who loves bows as much as Cleo. But as I researched different visuals for the book, I’ve seen more than a few bow-crazy girls on social media who are really into a Japanese phenomenon called Sweet Lolita fashion.

If you had the chance to co-write a book. Whom would it be with?

Oh, I wouldn’t go there. Too much bad juju can occur from trying to write with other people. Do it yourself.
You will be much happier.

Do you take a (digital) notebook everywhere in order to write down ideas that pop up?

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