Teen, YA or Older Reader Unicorn Book Feature – Unicorns of Balinor: The Road to Balinor (Book One)

Teen, YA or Older Reader Unicorn Book Feature – Unicorns of Balinor: The Road to Balinor (Book One) by  Mary Stanton

As Arianna recovers from a bad accident and loss of memory, she slowly recalls things about her past and learns that her “horse” Chase can speak thoughts to her, as can her dog. When Chase is threatened, Arianna tries to run away with Chase and Lincoln – only to find herself transported into the world of Balinor, where she must reclaim her birthright.

“Stanton writes with a sure hand.” – Orson Scott Card

“A wonderful book”…“It is also required reading…for all animal lovers.”
– Gene Wolfe

“If you loved WATERSHIP DOWN … this is the fantasy book for you: lovingly detailed, heart-quickening.”
– Jane Yolen

author bio:
Mary Stanton began her writing career with one of the most-beloved beast fables of our time; THE HEAVENLY HORSE FROM THE OUTERMOST WEST. She loves writing for younger audiences and loves writing about magic but, after the YA fantasy series The Unicorns of Balinor appeared in 1999, she spent most of her career in the adult mystery field. She is the author of the popular Inn at Hemlock Falls series (as Claudia Bishop), and the paranormal mystery series BEAUFORT & COMPANY.

Mary spends half of the year on her farm in upstate New York, and the other half in a small house in Florida. Many of the Unicorns in Balinor are based on horses that Mary has owned and loved for years. http://www.marystanton.com

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A Couple Of Reviews To Help You Choose

Amazon Review

K.D.5.0 out of 5 stars THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE SERIES!!!!! Reviewed in the United States on February 11, 2001

This whole series is simply unbelievable. I’m a full 14 years old,and still I love these books. I first got it from a friend who gave it to me for doing her a favor. At first I thought this book looked like stupid children’s fantasy. After about six months of sitting on the shelf, I picked it up one day I was sick. A children’s fantasy it is, but definitely not stupid. It’s much like the adult fantasy I normally read-it’s just shorter and easier to understand. After the first page, I simply couldn’t stop. I just HAD to see if Princess Arianna and the Sunchaser, along with the help of Atalanta and the rest of the Celestial Unicorns would ever destroy Entia the evil Shifter and bring peace to Balinor. This series is very entertaining, and I certainly hope Ms. Stanton has more to come!

GoodReads Review

Carrie rated it it was amazing

I read this book back when I was about 13, and I loved it! I didn’t use to read much, but I managed to read all 8 short books in the series. (Of course it took me 5 years to do, even though they are simple books, but hey, I still enjoyed them.) They are aimed at younger readers — I’d say probably from 9-13 — but they are still cool books with amazing unicorns, awesome plots, and nicely developed characters.

The first in the series (this one, The Road to Balinor) is my favorite of all 8, but they are all good. When I finished the last one last summer, I wanted more for the story still wasn’t all the way completed, that’s my only complaint: the story is never fully finished.

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