Tween Unicorn Book Feature – The Unicorn and the Lake

Tween Unicorn Book Feature – The Unicorn and the Lake (Pied Piper) by Marianna Mayer

The beautiful and nobel unicorn is pitted against the wicked serpent and the survival of the animal kingdom depends on the outcome of the battle

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A Couple of Reviews To Help You Choose

Amazon Review

rat_taxi5.0 out of 5 stars the real-ish deal Reviewed in the United States on May 14, 2007Verified Purchase

Michael Hague’s illustrations are gorgeous and I was not disappointed, having

only seen the cover when I ordered it. His unicorns are strong and vital

and don’t remind me of drippy-eyed Precious Moment-type animals that you

sometimes come across when the subject matter is unicorns. Kinuko Y. Craft

is someone you should look into if you like MH’s work.

GoodReads Review

Jess rated it it was amazing Shelves: julia

There was a unicorn who was pure white as mountain snow. But people tried to hunt the unicorn down. So, the unicorn went up in the mountains. Down below the serpent caused a lot of problems. The unicorn came came down from the mountain and had a fierce battle with the serpent. The unicorn won the battle. When the unicorn went back up the mountain, he left a trail of flowers behind him.

I love this book because it has action and interesting moments. The unicorn protects all the animals and is brave.

The book has a good ending. The illustrations are really realistic. The serpent is very frightening and he is not nice to all the other animals.

When I read this book it gives me something to think about. The unicorn knows what the other animals are feeling.

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