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The Chronicles of Antecede:  Lost and Found

by C.M. Sage


GENRE: Fantasy



Sometimes things are lost for a very long time…and then they are found.

Take Gracie for example, a woman who lost everything, her life, her family, even her name, but now she is a Cathalian warrior of Antecede blessed with powers, which aren’t yet fully realized.  Her elder and nemesis, Donavan, finally granted the former professor an opportunity to train a new warrior.  Her joy turns to shock when she meets her great, great, great, great grandson, Henry, accompanied by his wisecracking best friend, Milo.  Henry recognizes his long dead ancestor right away, and it doesn’t take the Cathalians long to realize that this meeting was no accident.

Gracie and the warriors of Antecede soon discover that they aren’t the only ones laying a claim on their new charges.  Menacing enemies from the South and their hired mercenary assassin, Revilan, the Bowman, have also taken an interest.  Come along with Gracie, Donavan, and their fellow warriors on a perilous quest to protect all that is good and right from the evil that threatens it, and along the way discover what else was lost.



Gracie tapped his shoulder, “Milo, did you notice anything unusual before I arrived to meet you? Did you see anyone on the shore, even from a far distance?” Milo reached down to ruffle Rosie’s ears before he answered, which was fortunate because at that exact moment a vicious arrow barely missed grazing his ear before flying by into the tall grass.

Gracie heard a sound like a muffled curse far off in the distance. The language wasn’t one she recognized. She knocked Milo flat to the ground, so that he was no longer a target and signaled for her little ones to stay down. Several more arrows flew in quick succession from the same direction. Gracie managed to pull a long dagger from under her coat before she also went down. Blue fell onto her back next to Gracie, a knife in each hand. Gracie looked at Obi, who knew what to do. He crawled away to search for and retrieve an arrow. In the interim Blue and Gracie rose to their knees, keeping their heads down, and signaling for Milo to stay down. He nodded, and muttered in a shaky voice, “You don’t have to tell me twice. I may never get up!”


C.M. Sage’s Thoughts on Writing in Hotel Lobbies

This is kind of crazy, but I love writing in swish hotel lobbies.  On special occasions, my husband sends me away for writing weekends at the downtown hotel of my choice.  I love it. 

I pack my little bag and my computer, grab the biggest cup of tea the nearest coffee joint offers, put my headphones on, turn off my phone ringer, find a big lobby couch or chair and write to my heart’s content.  My word count during my hotel stay is incredible, and I feel so productive.

I get the same feeling when I write when I’m on a cruise.  I go to one of the common areas, and I hunker down with whatever drink that sails by, and I write like the wind.  I feel so creative when I get to do that.

I think that my love for writing in hotel lobbies may have something to do with a feeling of being free from all other responsibilities and people…even the ones I love dearly, like my husband and my little furry guys.  I have no dishes to do and no beds to make.  No tedious meetings to attend and no emails flying at me like the winged monkeys from the Wizard of Oz. I go to the hotel restaurant or whatever is close for meals.  If my neck hurts from typing, I can get a massage…I never have, but I could if I wanted to. 

Of course writing in swish hotel lobbies is a treat and a once in a while luxury.  Most of the time I write in my home office or at our dining room table.  Sometimes I write on the couch or in coffee shop, but I swear if I close my eyes tight and imagine I’m sitting in one of those grand lobbies, well I do write fantasy after all…


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Lost and Found is author C.M. Sage’s first book in the Chronicles of Antecede fantasy adventure trilogy.  She loves writing, reading, and traveling.  Most of all she loves spending time with her beloved family and friends…and yes, that includes her furry friends.  Life would have been much less sunny without them.

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