Introducing Golden Cookies By E’Laiya London-Ashlyn Cuthrell

Golden Cookies

By E’Laiya London-Ashlyn Cuthrell

Golden Cookies is a journey of a wise man who wants to spread positivity everywhere through his very special golden cookies. His cookies make people act and think positively. They bring exceptional changes in even the most mean-hearted people and make their behavior kind and loving towards those around them.

The wise man gives golden cookies free of cost just to help others and see the happiness they bring to everyone is his reward. He travels through the woods and hands out these cookies to anyone who would take them. He tries to convince those who do not believe in the power of these cookies. Even though some people make fun of him, he eventually manages to turn everything around in a positive way. His efforts are rewarded when people find out that riches, power, beauty, trust, leadership, or recognition cannot bring them happiness, and only eating a golden cookie will bring such change which would give them ultimate happiness.

Come join the wise man along a very special path that leads to positive changes, kind words, and happiness. Enjoy the excitement of completing the activity corner worksheets in this book to create your amazing story. Get a bite of the golden cookies as you read this book and all you have ever wished for on the positive side of life may come to you.

Golden Cookies is available in Kindle and Paperback formats.


Vision Quest – 5.0 out of 5 stars – Delightful Story, Beautiful Illustrations

What a delightful story written and illustrated by twelve-year-old E’Laiya Cuthrell. Your kids will love the message about happiness and kindness. LOL bake some cookies to eat while you read the book together!

There are also some activity sheets that will keep your kids engaged and discussing the concepts in the book.

What a fabulous find. I hope to see MORE from this amazingly talented young lady.


About The Author

E’Laiya London-Ashlyn Cuthrell is a twelve-year-old who enjoys making others smile. She is a 7th grader from North Carolina but has resided in Baltimore, Maryland, and on Saint Vincent Island. She enjoys reading, drawing, and finding fun facts.

E’Laiya developed an interest to write from reading books, drawing characters, and journaling in her scrapbook. She challenged herself to find the creativity of converting her journals into a short story after completing a writing assignment at school. She realized that her goal to write a short story was possible with hard work, dedication, and words of encouragement.

When she is not doing activities with her family, E’Laiya spends time writing her next short story and making colorful bracelets. She enjoys laughing and is determined to write about situations that create meaningful and positive endings.

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