Introducing Brutus Gets A Friend By Kelsi Donnellon

Brutus Gets A Friend

The Adventures of Mr. Brutus

By Kelsi Donnellon

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Mr. Brutus is a lonely dog. During the week his moms go to work and his brothers all go to school. But today the family has a surprise for Brutus….a new puppy friend named Zeke! Will Brutus and Zeke get along? What kind of fun will they have together? Read and find out!

A Note From The Author

The Adventures of Mr. Brutus follows my family – an LGBTQ+ family – and the adventures of our puppy Brutus.

Brutus is a brown and white Teddy Bear puppy who’s super cute but super lonely. In this second edition of The Adventures of Mr. Brutus, Kelsi and Amy decide to get Brutus a friend to play with when the family is not home and introduces our second puppy – Zeke. Zeke is a black and white mini Sheepadoodle who has tons of energy and instantly loves playing with his new brother Brutus. Together they go on walks, fight over dog bones, and enjoy running around the house.

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About The Author

Kelsi Donnellon is the author and creator of “The Adventure’s of Mr. Brutus”. The first title in the series – “Brutus’ First Birthday” is available now with “Brutus Gets a Friend” and “Brutus and Zeke’s First Christmas” coming soon.

The series follows an LGBTQ+ family and their 2 super cute puppies on their first adventures including birthdays, holidays, vacations, and more.

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