Introducing Wabbles The Happy Little Hippo By Darlene Rakestraw

Wabbles The Happy Little Hippo

A collection of four stories

By Darlene Rakestraw With Illustrations By Barrett Rakestraw

Genres: Children’s Multigenerational Family Life and Children’s Animals Books

This is a large picture book of 105 pages, containing a collection of four different short adventure stories. Wabbles is a curious and friendly little hippo. She loves to swim in her pond out in the pasture, but is always ready for a new adventure.

Wabbles experiences four new adventures outside of her pond. Join Wabbles as she enjoys a delicious chocolate treat, goes to the doctor, has a fun day at the circus, and gets lost while out exploring.
This storybook is a collection of these four stories:

Chocolate Adventure
Wabbles is disappointed when she doesn’t get an ice cream from the kids passing by her pond. She decides to leave her pond and walk up to the ice cream parlor. See what special treat she discovers when she gets inside the parlor.

A Trip to the Doctor
Wabbles steps out of her pond one day and cries out in pain from a thorn in her foot. She has to make a trip to the doctor and is very frightened. All goes well and she even makes a few new friends.

A Day at the Circus
Wabbles is excited and curious when she sees circus trucks passing by her pond and lots of kids going down the road. Join Wabbles on her adventure as she discovers a fun day at the circus.

Wabbles Gets Lost
Wabbles wonders where the deer are always going when they pass by her pond. She decides to take a walk to find out and gets lost in the forest. See how she finds her way back home again after being very scared.

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About The Author

Darlene Rakestraw can usually be found in her sewing room, working on award-winning quilting projects in the old-fashioned tradition of hand crank and treadle machines. She enjoys and uses her extensive collection of vintage sewing machines on a regular basis. Writing a children’s book was never on her bucket list. But, Wabbles the Happy Little Hippo, and her adventures, came to Darlene when she was going through chemotherapy fighting breast cancer. She decided then to share Wabbles as a bedtime storybook.Darlene is the proud mother of three adult sons, their wives, and is a grandmother, and great grandmother, many times over. She and her husband of over 55 years live in the Dallas, Texas area. She has traveled extensively, enjoys antiquing, long walks, cooking, and being with family.Darlene hopes Wabbles will bring some happiness to children everywhere.

The Wabbles Stories Are Also Available Individually

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