Introducing Bubba Puppin Adventure Dog – Bubba’s On The Naughty List By Lou Lou

Bubba’s On The Naughty List

A Bubba Puppin Adventure Dog! Book

By Lou Lou

Genres: Children’s Dog Books & Children’s Animal Action & Adventure

Bubba Puppin Adventure Dog is a fun bedtime story about Bubba the yellow lab that is a normal dog by day and an adventure dog by night. When his family goes to sleep he leaves on his secret rocket ship to go on adventures. In tonight’s adventure, it’s Christmas Eve and Bubba gets on the NAUGHTY list!

He has to go to the North Pole, find Santa, and get off the naughty list before Christmas is over.

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Lindsay L. – 5.0 out of 5 stars – Adorable story

Labs are always getting into trouble which makes this story so true! Always on the naughty list!

About The Author

Lou grew up in the Pacific Northwest and currently resides in South Carolina. Bubba Puppin Aventure Dog was inspired by stories her grandmother told her as a little girl. She continued the tradition with her daughter, Ava, telling her stories about what their dog, Bubba, would do while they were asleep. This quickly became a favorite bedtime story of Ava. Lou finally published the first book in the series in October of 2022. Bubba has lots of adventures to take, so stay tuned for his next adventure!

Lou Lou Is Also The Author of Bubba Goes To The Moon.

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