5 Fun Things To Do On National Unicorn Day – April 9th

Happy National Unicorn Day!

The Metal-Horned Unicorns from the land of Unimaise wish you a Happy National Unicorn Day! You can learn about their metals in Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically By The Metal Horn Unicorns.

National Unicorn Day officially became a “thing” in 2015. Nobody knows who the founder is, but aren’t you glad they did it? We love celebrating unicorns every day of the year but April 9th is special because it is the official day of recognition of these amazing creatures.

So. . .what do you do on National Unicorn Day?

Admire the majestic beauty unicorns, of course.

You can do that by

1. Collecting some lovely unicorn decor for your home.

Take a look at some I found for you.

Neon-Unicorn Wall Poster

2. You can do unicorn yoga!

Women’s Stretchy Yoga Pants

3. You can watch unicorn movies while enjoying elaborate unicorn treats.

The Last Unicorn – 1982 – A brave unicorn and a magician fight an evil king who is obsessed with attempting to capture the world’s unicorns.

Legend – 1986 – This is a visually stunning fantasy-adventure in which pure good and evil battle to the death in a mythical forest inhabited by fairies, goblins, unicorns and mortals.

Unicorn City – 2012 – Voss entices local gamers to create a utopia to impress a potential employer, but paradise is disrupted when his nemesis lays claim to the city and Voss’s true love.

RiffTrax: The Little Unicorn – 2017 – The Little Unicorn is a tale of whimsy, fantasy, and extremely generous definitions of the word “little.” This feature is a parody and contains the original movie combined with a comedic commentary by Mike, Kevin and Bill from RiffTrax (formerly of Mystery Science Theater 3000).

Nico, The Unicorn – 2001 – A 12-year old disabled boy, whos father recently passed away, has his life changed when the pony he rescues gives birth to a unicorn. Can he save the unicorn from the people who want to exploit it?

Magical Unicorn Recipes – 2018 – There is nothing more magical than these specially curated Unicorn themed recipes. Whether you take your taste buds on a ride with the Unicorn Fudge or the Unicorn Ice-cream your friends and family will be transported to the fairyland of delicious goodness.

4. You can listen to and sing along with unicorn songs.

All 8 Unicorns song on the Nothing Is Impossible Album by The Story Pirates

The Unicorn song on the Songs For The Wee Folk Album by The Irish Rovers

Space Unicorn song on the Space Unicorn Album by Parry Grip

The Last Unicorn song on the Return To Poo Corner By Kenny Loggins

Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows on the Corduroys, With Tassels album by Songs to Wear Pants To

Unicorn Noodles on the Unicorn Noodles album by GoNoodle & The Tees

5. And you can read unicorn books. Here are literally hundreds of my favorites:

350 Unicorn Books For Little Kids

240 Unicorn Books For Tweens and Middle Graders

350 Unicorn Books For Teens

This message is brought to you by Sybrina’s Unicorn Book Store.

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