Introducing – Starry Adventures by Terry Alleyne

Starry Adventures – A Young Astronaught Journey To The Moon

by Terry Alleyne with illustrations by Jonny Hossain

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

The story is about a young girl that had a dream to go to space. Looking at the stars at night she fell in love and often wondered how could she make it there. Finding a space ship, she was able to travel to the moon. Being a strong brave girl, she was able to make it to the moon and back showing the courage to overtake any obstacle. Often times in life, just believing in yourself you can achieve wonders starting from small to an adult.

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About the Author

Terry Alleyne has always been a fan and supporter of Nasa and space. As a kid, he once looked at the sky as starry did and made the vision through her come to life.

Terry Alleyne was born and raised on the beautiful island of St.Croix (USVI). He’s a military veteran that has served in the army all over the U.S. He has worked In the oil and gas field over the last 22 years as a pipe superintendent. His desire is to write books and give back to the community.

Terry is a local entrepreneur that builds houses and manages an online clothing store. During the week he coaches his sons soccer team and manage the games on the weekends.When he’s not doing that he loves to fish,camp,enjoy my family

He has 3 big sons and one eight year old son that he tries to spend every little time he has. Terry hopes that the books he writes touch every person they meet.

Terry Alleyne is also the author of

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