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Jennie Chen and Giselle Nevada
Children’s Book / Pet Books / Pet Care
Publisher: Raise the Woof Press
Page Count: 38 pages
Publication Date: May 16, 2023
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Introducing The Puppy Adventures of Porter and Midge: Out and About – a quick introduction to early socialization and training for puppies that will make them outstanding canine citizens and wonderful family pets.
     Kids will love following along with the two puppies’ story set in Austin, Texas, as they learn about how to take care of their own puppy. This is the first book in a series of story books, journals, and activity books. 
“Gift this book to any new puppy owner you know!”Lynn M. Hayner, Author at dogster


“Chen and Nevada write in an easy and enjoyable style…If you are a dog lover, this storybook is for you. Help your children become the best dog companion they can be.” -Philip Van Heusen,Reader’s Favorite


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01a Top Ten List

Top Ten Rules for Kids and Dogs

from Jennie Chen and Giselle Nevada

  1. Do not approach a dog too fast.
    • Running towards a dog could make them nervous! A nervous dog is a scared dog, and we don’t want our doggy friends to be scared.
  2. Do not pet a dog without permission; always ask the owner first.
    • Sometimes a dog cannot be pet for a lot of different reasons—they might have a medical issue or may not like strangers.
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  3. Do not stare at a dog.
    • Making eye contact with a dog can make the dog nervous and unsure of what your intentions are. Speaking softly and gently to the dog without staring works best.
  4. Do not try to take away something a dog is chewing on.
    • Dogs often chew things–some things they can have, and some things they cannot. If a dog is chewing something, do not try and take it away. Instead, get an adult to help. A dog chewing something could become protective over the object they are chewing and growl or even nip to make you go away.
  5. If a dog is eating, leave them alone.
    • Meal time is always something everyone loves. Letting the dog eat in peace ensures the dog doesn’t have to hurry or become anxious while eating.
  6. A dog’s kennel is their safe space.
    • When a dog enters their kennel, they want peace and quiet, often for a nap. Leaving them to snooze uninterrupted allows the dog to rest without any worries.
  7. Always be gentle.
    • Speaking kindly and gently goes along way with dogs (and people). Sometimes a gentle word is all that is needed for a dog to come right up to you for some happy pets.
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  8. Don’t run away from a dog.
    • Running away from a dog can trigger the dog’s “prey drive.” Prey drive is the instinct to chase the thing that’s running. This usually ends badly, even when you’re playing.
  9. A wagging tail does not mean a friendly dog.
    • It is common belief that a wagging tail means a happy,social dog. This is not always true. In fact, in most cases a wagging tail means a dog who is alert for danger or thinks danger is already in sight.
    • 01d Top 10 pic
  10. Allow the sniff.
    • Dogs like to sniff! After you’ve asked permission to pet the dog, and the owner says yes, allow the dog to sniff the back of your hand before reaching to pet the dog. Sniffing is how the dog gets to know you!
Jennie Chen is a homesick Austinite who founded Keep Austin Dog Friendly. Over the last 20 years, Jennie has owned Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs and Lowchen. She has earned numerous titles in conformation, competitive obedience, rally, herding, animal assisted therapy, and more. She is passionate about the relationship people build with their beloved canines, and she has been an advocate for people living with disabilities who need a service dog to live independently. She is active in various dog clubs and can be seen on AKC.TV from time to time.
Giselle Nevada has owned several mastiffs, acquired both from reputable breeders and via rescue. Fostering rescued mastiffs and helping them work through their issues led to a keen interest in socialization as a means of preventing future issues. She loves working with her dogs and has dabbled in carting, conformation, agility, rally, trick dog, nose work, and many other canine sports. Her puppy Porter is a testament to early socialization – he has achieved many performance dog titles and has done commercial work. He also has a role in a movie called Match Me If You Can directed by Marian Yeager.
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  1. What a great list — and wow, I didn’t know that about tail wagging. I will pay closer attention with my dog’s wagging (though I am pretty sure the majority of it is happy wag). Thanks for sharing!

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