How A Unicorn-Themed Alphabetical Periodic Table Book Came To Be

How I was inspired to write a unicorn-themed alphabet periodic table book.

Article By Sybrina Durant

As an authorpreneur, I specialize in unicorn-themed works. On my blog visitors can find a wide variety of items related to unicorns, from books by different authors to hundreds of unique gifts and merchandise. My collection is also categorized for readers of any age group. Unicorns are a powerful source of inspiration and motivation, and I believe passionately in their ability to inspire people to reach their goals.

The Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically By The Metal Horn Unicorns draws inspiration from the previously established Journey To Osm unicorn books. These twelve protagonists each have a metal horn and hooves correlating to the properties of certain metals. For example, in this novel, Cuprum—the Copper Horned Unicorn—can purify water and control tornadoes with her powers as they develop throughout her story arc. Additionally, she can make rivers dance; this is an ability yet to be seen in any metal element!

In this unicorn-themed alphabetical periodic table book, the twenty-six elementals possess magical powers based on real-world elements and their properties. For instance, Cuprum retains the power to purify water, just like in past centuries where copper vessels were believed to kill harmful bacteria in water. Today we know it is a fact that copper is anti-bacterial.

This book offers a lot of detailed information that may be hard to digest in one sitting. To help students remember the content more easily, I’ve created an accompanying activity called Create Your Own Unicorn Elemental. It contains twenty six cards representing every unicorn in the book, plus a research sheet, an elemental sheet to fill and color in, and a story page for creative expression. The activity is available for purchase separately.

Students are encouraged to answer questions and complete tasks on the study sheet while concurrently filling in blank unicorn templates with elemental data. All of this effort results in an informative narrative rooted in scientific knowledge. Through a balance of research and creativity, students are provided with with an enjoyable and meaningful experience for improving their understanding of science.

The Periodic Table presents elements from the world of science in a bland format. Magical Elements of the Periodic Table Presented Alphabetically By the Metal Horn Unicorns book and activities introduce kids to these items in a captivating and educational format that they’ll want to return to repeatedly. The significance of periodic table elements is far-reaching – they are essential components of various kinds of technology, buildings, medicines, transportation and even food. All modern comforts rely on these magical elements found in air, earth, water and more! Imagine what your life would be like without them! Discovering the importance of these everyday ingredients is sure to spark curiosity and inspire readers.


Sybrina Durant is a unicorn author/entrepreneur. In addition to books, she offers unicorn-themed activities, t-shirts and more. Plus, she has pulled together a collection of nearly all the unicorn books available today from hundreds of authors. They are categorized on her website by Little Kid, Middle Kid and Teen Unicorn Books.

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