Little Kid Unicorn Book Feature-Legend of the Blue Unicorn

Little Kid Unicorn Book Feature – by Legend of the Blue Unicorn Britt Brundige (Author, Illustrator), Sybrina Durant (Author), Jim Johnson (Illustrator), Sandi Johnson (Editor)

The Blue Unicorn is a member of a magical tribe of Metal Horned Unicorns. Each has a magic power related to the properties contained in their metal horns…all except for Blue. He is just a plain blue unicorn but the tribe must depend on him for something only he alone can accomplish. Join him on a fantastic journey as he goes on a quest to save his tribe. He meets many incredible creatures all across the land…some that want to eat him and some that risk their own lives to help him.

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GoodReads Review

Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: first-read A great book to read with a twist! It was amazing and showed how bravery and getting help can get you to succeed in your goals. Everyone needs a helping hand.

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