Legend of the Blue Unicorn

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The Legend Of The Blue Unicorn

The Legend of the Blue Unicorn is a children’s story about a tribe of 11 magical unicorns and one plain blue one.  Click the links above to purchase the print or ebook.   Join Blue on his adventure to save his tribe from the unicorn eating Manticore and gain his own magic along the way.

Plain Blue Unicorn

Song Lyrics

I’m not perfect.

I’ve got things I cannot do.

I’m far from perfect.

I’m not made of gold like you.

On the outside,

what you see is what you get.

I lack personality.

I’m the dullest, you’ve met.

I’m not perfect,

just a plain blue unicorn.

I’m far from perfect,

since the day that I was born.

Sometimes it hurts

when others are cruel,

when I stumble and feel like a fool.

But on the inside

there’s a friend that I’ve found.

And I have to sing,

my heart won’t be bound.

I’m not perfect

just a plain blue unicorn

I’m far from perfect

since the day that I was born

It‘s kind of silly, when all my feelings are said and done,

I feel like laughing

and having lots of fun

I like to play

just like all the others do

And forget all about being blue.

I’m not perfect just a plain blue unicorn

I’m far from perfect since the day that I was born.

I’m far from perfect since the day that I was born.

The “Plain Blue Unicorn” song was written by Sybrina Durant and Sandi Johnson.  Listen to the Plain Blue Unicorn song as sung by Van Buchanan on Reverbnation at https://www.reverbnation.com/dorpexpress/album/71319-blue-unicorn-song 

Sample Pages

Legend of the Blue Unicorn was originally written years ago by Sybrina Durant.  It was intended to be a full length fantasy novel but was never finished.  Later, Sybrina and Sandi Johnson condensed it into a children’s picture book but it was never published.  In 2004, Britt Brundige adapted it into a graphic novel for young teens and pre-teens.  That is the book being sold today.

Visit sybrina.com for more information.

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