Lil’ Metal Horn Unicorns – Children’s Picture Book

Lil’ Metal Horn Unicorns

Children’s Picture Book

This book is about the Lil’ Metal Horn Unicorn Babies And Metals! As you read the story, look for the big, shiny gold stars. The Gold Stars indicate the metal of each unicorn’s horn plus an every day object made from that metal. The different metals are tin, copper, silver, gold, brass, nickel, aluminum, iron, steel, zinc and lead. Wow! That’s A Lot Of Metal! This story is also about one more little unicorn who is very different from the others. His name is Blue. He may not be like the rest of his tribe but he will not let that affect who he is now or who he will grow up to be. Read the book to learn more about the blue unicorn and his magical Metal Horn Unicorn Tribe.This story is recommended for ages 4 to 8. It was created to help lil’ children learn about metals in a fun way. The unicorn babies in this book are based on the characters in The Legend of the Blue Unicorn by Britt Brundige and the Journey To Osm books by Sybrina Durant. Lil’ Metal Horn Unicorns is written by Sandi Johnson and Sybrina Durant with Illustrations by Enrique Vignolo.

Buy the Children’s Picture Book.  It will make a great gift for a favorite child in soft cover print or hardback. Soft Cover ISBN# 978-1-942740-26-1   and Hard Cover ISBN#  978-6978197195

Links to online stores where Unicorns From Unimaise—The Magical Metal-Horn Tribe picture book in soft cover and hardback may be purchased are below.

Abe Books – Soft Cover

Adlibris – Soft Cover or Hard Cover

Alibris – Soft Cover or Hard Cover

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Paperback

Amazon Hardcover

Barnes and Nobles – Soft Cover or Hard Cover or Nook

Bokus – Paperback or Hard Cover

Book Depository – Paperback or Hard Cover

Books A Million – Paperback or Hard Cover

The book contains 37 pages of text and vibrantly colored illustrations.  Age Level—Kindergarten to 3rd grade.

Read a sample of this book.

Listen to a fun song by Sandi for this book.

Visit Sybrina’s Unicorn Book Store where you will find hundreds of unicorn books written by hundreds of authors The books are curated in categories for Little Kids, Middle Graders, and Teens and YA readers.

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Buy the Full Color Illustrated Chapter Book.  It will make a great collector’s item or gift for a favorite child in soft cover print or hardback. Soft Cover ISBN# 978-1942740070  and Hard Cover ISBN#  978-1942740094

Buy the Black and White Illustrated Chapter Book if you love to Read and Color.  Read a chapter and then add your own coloring style to the following pages. ISBN# 978-1942740162

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Children’s story book with pictures.

Audio Book in Whisper-Sync. Read and listen at the same time.

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Children’s Picture Book – Age Level: Baby to Primary School

Everybody loves unicorns!

Especially little children, so I created a special version of the Blue Unicorn story just for them.  This book is short and sweet and is meant to be read to the little ones to introduce them to the characters from The Blue Unicorn’s Journey To Osm Illustrated Book.


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