The Blue Unicorn’s Journey To Osm Illustrated Book Review by Books Are Love

Book Review for The Blue Unicorn’s Journey To Osm Illustrated Book

books are love rated it really liked it 

This is precious. It has a lesson as well. We learn that being different isn’t bad and can lead to wonderful things. It shows how unique and special you are.Blue is born different from the other unicorn’s. He was supposed to be the one to save them but everyone feels disappointed because they don’t see how. He has no metal horn which is where their magic is. So Blue feels alone. Accept for his friend Ghel, the one he loves. He hides from groups and learns from Gaiso how to fight and becomes stronger. He feels he has something to prove.

Suddenly the danger is closer and his family is in danger. Blue must go out on a journey filled with danger and his friends Gaiso and Girasol are by his side the whole way. It is a magically written journey that has you smile and love the imagination of Sybrina.

Each unicorn is unique and wonderful. Each one plays a role in Blue becoming who he is and learning something. When the journey is done and Blue is transformed you learn so much and had a fun time as well.

The book is imaginative and lovely. So adorable and creative. Your attention never sways and all ages will love the story of blue and how he helps his fellow unicorns get to safety and find their home and family amongst themselves and loved ones long lost to them. Such a fun imaginative story to the end that is filled with adventure, whimsy, magic and intrigue. 

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