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Journey To Osm – The Blue Unicorn’s Tale

 Reader Review

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Journey to Osm: The Blue Unicorn’s Tale is an exciting fantasy about a small herd of unicorns who are facing extinction due to the machinations of an evil Sorcerer. Magh is determined to steal the horns and hooves of all unicorns in order to possess their magic. Their only hope for survival lies in the prophesy that foretells of a blue unicorn who will rescue them. Unfortunately for the Metal-Horned Unicorns, the blue foal is born without a metal horn or metal hooves, which means he has no magic. Blue grows up as an outsider, scoffed by his fellow unicorns but determined to someday prove himself. When that time comes, he sets off on a journey of Tolkien proportions, full of challenges and dangers that must be met, or his herd will be doomed.

This story was full of unique magics and harrowing heroism that is sure to warm to the hearts of young readers and even those of us with a few more miles behind us. If you like YA fantasy, you will definitely enjoy Journey to Osm.

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