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Journey To Osm – The Blue Unicorn’s Tale

 Reader Review

Mimi Jazma

The Blue Unicorns Journey to Osm by Sybrina Durant is a fantasy story intended for reader age 12 to 18. The story revolves around a blue unicorn that is destined to save his tribe but he himself has neither metal horn nor magic. The story is mostly about his journey fulfilling his prophecy, saving his tribe from Magh.

The story moves forward very quickly and I like that, the author obviously doesnt waste any time in getting to the point and for Blue to start his journey. The fantasy world that the author created is believable and I like that the author describes MarBryn very thoroughly. The illustration in the book also helps the reader to imagine how the scene portrays and most of the illustrations actually shows what is going to happen in the chapter which I really like. It is kind of a teaser and you cant stop reading once you see the illustrations of the next chapter because you will be wondering what it means.

At some point, the book gets too cramped with too many characters but once you get the hang of it, the characters involvement flows much better.

I would say that this book is very good for the young teenagers as it has a lot of good moral values in it. On the other hand, the book itself is just simply amazing with the fascinating storyline and quick-witted characters.

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