Pump Up Your Book Blog Tour – Seed of Tamaris By Penni Louise

Penni Louise

In a treacherous world, is it safe to be powerful?

A Brother with a tainted past. A Lord seeking a legacy for his
daughters. A Queen in exhile from her ancestral home. For decades, the
Lords and Ladies in the land of Tamaris have known peace among their
Houses, unlike the Outlanders who face death everyday outside the
kingdom’s borders. But when the King, consumed by power, turns against
the beloved Queen, she is forced into hiding, and plots brew among the
Houses. The threads of peace begin to unravel. From a Lord’s daughters
facing the subordinations of womanhood, to the outcast who flees to The
Coven of Sacred Sisters for redemption, to the boy in the mines who
prefers darkness and worms to the Lightlands, the lives of the people of
Tamaris are unknowingly tied to their Queen’s fate. Only the Witch
knows to what end their loyalty leads them. They must navigate political
ambitions, social expectations, the complexities of relationship, and
traitor’s plots to survive in the midst of the building war. But many
will forget that the worst peril often comes from those closest to home.
SEED OF TAMARIS is an epic fantasy brimming with magik, desire, and
wickedness. It is Book One of the Archipelago Series, and Penni Louise’s
debut novel.

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Having tired Timber out in the surf, throwing the stick till her arm hurt, the two weary friends rested on a smooth rock, basking in the afternoon sun.
“I suppose they’ll be looking for us to get dressed and into the carriage,” Solar
sighed to Timber.
In the distance, the fishing boats were beginning to come into view on the
horizon, gulls circling and diving behind them, returning to their home harbor before the
night fell. She had asked Cook once why the boats did not stay out overnight. They seemed as big as castles, and as sturdy. Cook had shaken her head.
“They used to, little one, but not anymore. It’s dangerous to be so…exposed at
night nowadays. That’s why we tuck away in houses at night; there’s no good to be found out in the open in the dark.”
Cook refused to say why but Solar knew she had to be right.
Solar thought of her sister, always ill, and indoors. She felt badly for her, never
getting any fresh air or sunshine. She shook off the thought of stuffy rooms and stuffy carriages and stretched her legs, examining them in the sunlight.
“Look, Timber, I am getting fur like you!”
How splendid, she thought, reclining in the warm sun, and drifted off to sleep.
Sometime later, Solar woke with a pain in her back, disoriented. She was
immediately overwhelmed by the gloom; it seemed to be trying to suffocate her in shadow. She could hear and feel that the tide was coming in; the water was now splashing against the rocks, the spray hitting her feet and legs.
How long have I been asleep? She peered into the dusk and saw the stars starting to emerge overhead. A long time, then.
Something was missing. The spell of the stars suddenly broken, she realized
Timber was not beside her.
“TIMBER!” she called.
She thought she heard an answering woof but couldn’t be sure over the crashing
sound of the waves.
She stood gingerly, twisting to release her muscles, and called again, “Timber!”
She was certain she heard something this time, and slowly, feeling her way, began to climb the rocks.
She called again when she reached the top but instead of the woof she was hoping for, she heard men’s voices, coming from the direction of home. A Border Patrol! If she revealed herself, she would end up in incredible trouble and worse, the men certainly would not come back to search for Timber. He could be hurt, and was surely lost.
What would make him run away without waking me?
Maybe the fear of the dark was a real concern. More scared than ever, she worried herself with thoughts of Timber being injured, stolen, or devoured by an unknown beast.
The voices were coming closer.
Despite the threat of being truly lost, or being eaten herself, Solar ran away from the voices and into the darkness to find her beloved dog.



As an eager reader from an early age, much of Penni’s life was shaped
by Bilbo’s exclamation that “he was going on an adventure!” Originally
from Australia, Penni is now an avid storyteller and traveler (both
physical and astral), currently located in Denver, Colorado. With a deep
love of all things mystical, she also explores the energetic realm
through her clairvoyance and channeling abilities.



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