Pump Up Your Book – Baby Bear’s Spaghetti Misadventures By Linda Karimo

Linda Karimo
Children’s Picture Book

Meet Mama Bear and her sweet little bear child, Baby Bear.

Sometimes he doesn’t do what Mama Bear says, sound familiar?

This one particular day when Mama Bear was cooking spaghetti and meatballs, Baby

Bear bounced his ball against the cave wall.

Baby Bear knew it was on the forbidden list.

He did it anyway.

Mama Bear gave him the look.

He did it again.

Find out what happened to Mama Bear’s spaghetti dinner and naughty Baby Bear.


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Back in the Stone Age, well maybe not that far back…

When Linda Karimo was very young, she learned to read at the knee of
her Irish immigrant grandmother. Nannie, as she was known to the family,
was just learning English herself.

They read all the classic children’s stories together. There was one
in particular that became the inspiration for Linda’s current series of
children’s books.

Moving forward, Linda was always a ravenous reader. She would often
read all the books by a given author and then go onto yet another great
fiction author. Espionage, legal, medical, suspense, and some “who done
it” were her game.

Her day job as a Copywriter paid the bills while she dreamed of writing an extraordinary series of children’s books.

So, what childhood story prompted Linda to write a series about those characters?

It was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Linda’s nickname was always Goldilocks.

She transports her readers into the world of bears whose lives are not much different than humans, just bear style.

She has a conversational style of writing and wants her readers to
feel a part of the action taking place, not just looking through the
window watching it all going by.

A Lifetime full of love and compassion!


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