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Today’s guest is Sybrina Durant, author of the children’s picture book, CLEO CAN TIE A BOW. Sybrina is here today to answer questions about her life, writing and goals.

Are you a morning writer or a night writer? I am definitely a day writer, although there are times, when I am really thinking hard about a story, that I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea.  At those times, I have to get up right then and there and write it down or it will slip away by morning.

Do you outline or are you a pantster? I am an outliner. . .and an index carder. . .and a spread-sheeter. . .and an inspiration pic collector. I use all kinds of methods to develop my places and characters but then there are also times when I am writing by the seat of my pants.  You never know when a new character will present itself and suddenly become as important or more important than all the others.

Which comes first – plot or character? How about a “need”? For instance with my “Learn To Tie With The Rabbit and The Fox” series, those stories were based on a “need” to come up with a fun way to instruct others how to tie a tie.  Cleo’s Tie A Bow story didn’t come along until many years later because I just couldn’t figure out how to use the same methodology as I had used in the tie a tie books.  When I finally broke away from the idea that the instructions had to be based on the fox chasing the rabbit, I was finally able to come up with an even more fun way to present the instructions. In Cleo’s story, a helpful fox actually assists a long eared rabbit to keep her ears from dragging on the ground. This story is much more kid friendly.

Noise or quiet when working on your manuscript? Most of the time, I need complete silence. I am too easily distracted by the sounds coming from a radio or television. There are times when I will play music but it is only if I am writing a musical scene or an actual song for the story.

Favorite TV show? Anything science fiction or fantasy. In the past, I’ve watched every episode of Star Trek, Dr. Who, Stargate, Smallville , and even Dark Shadows.  That one really goes back! For current options; I love Discovery, Outpost, Mandalorian, Pandora, Supernatural (I hate that it has finally ended) and Snow Piercer.

Favorite type of music? I guess I’d have to say Pop or Pop Rock music is my favorite.  I’ve written a lot of songs in those genres over the years and I write songs for most of my books, too. If you’re interested in hearing other songs besides the one for this book, look me up on Youtube.  My channel is Sybrinad.

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