Interview with Sybrina Durant about Cleo Can Tie A Bow By Dear Reader Love Author

Dear Reader, Love Sybrina Durant

Dear Reader…

If you are reading this book, that suggests to me that you or someone you know is just now learning how to tie a bow. You might be wondering why in the world someone would even think to write a book about learning to tie with a rabbit and a fox.  Well, around 1985, I experienced an amusing incident in a menswear store. I was looking for a necktie for someone who had never worn one before. When a salesman approached, I laughingly informed him that I didn’t know how to tie a tie and I didn’t think the recipient knew how, either.

Before I could blink, the dapper salesman whisked the tie from my hands and draped it around his on neck.  This was a pretty funny sight as he was already wearing a suit and tie. He said, “Here’s an easy way to remember.” With each step in the tie tying process, he quoted a line of a very short story about a fox chasing a rabbit. Basically, the chase went around a tree – twice. Then, they ran under a bush and over a log. Finally, the rabbit jumped into a hole, where the fox couldn’t follow because he was too big. The little rabbit was safe. That story delighted me.  The salesman said it was an old folk tale.  I was so enamored with it that I wanted to find the book. But there was no book so I decided to write it myself.  My first book “learn to tie” book wasn’t published until nearly 30 years after I first learned how to tie a tie.

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