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Review for Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit and The Fox By LadyD Books


Learn to Tie a Tie with the Rabbit and the Fox: Review

 I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to read a special storywith this instructional song to my grandson. Don’t you just love engaging books for children, especially where music is involved?! I sure do because it’s fun to learn new things and to practice repetitive things with rhyme and music. You’ll find my review of this little tale, Learn to Tie with the rabbit and the Fox on today’s post. I am also very pleased to share with you a special interview with the author,  Sybrina Durant.

About The Book
Learn to Tie a Tie with the Rabbit and the Fox is the new, fun, interactive story for kids by Sybrina Durant. The book is based around the endearing tale of a rabbit and a hungry fox. The illustrated new story melds generations past, with a story of new found freedom and flavor.

Learn to Tie with the Rabbit and the Fox is the careening adventure of these two characters, set to a lively and memorable instructional song, that offers a simple and fun way of learning to tie the “school boy” style knot that so many kids struggle to learn.

In the new book, the very hungry fox races through the forest seeking to capture the sweet rabbit with its sharp and powerful snapping jaws. The race itself mimics the motion of tying a knot. 

The book is written to involve the entire family and intended to make it fun for parents to teach the sometimes troubling task to the little learners.

The book encourages participants reading and listening to the companion song to each have a tie handy to go through the motions of actually tying a necktie. Brilliant New Book by Sybrina Durant Opens new Doors for Child Learning.

The song is a catchy and repeatable jingle that runs around the head long after the book is finished. Children remember the song melody and words and with the jingle re-call their actions in tying their neckties. The elegant knot the book teaches is also known as the “four in hand”. Word association has long been used by scholars and amateurs alike in the learning of anything and everything necessary and unnecessary. The process is called “Mnemonic” which is defined by the art of memorizing something by associating it with words, phrases or sentences designed to help remember.

Learn To Tie A Tie with the Rabbit and the Fox is a book readers may see, touch and share. It is also available in Spanish and Tagalog languages. The accompanying song can be streamed for free, in all three languages, at the author’s website at

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