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10 Bow Gift Ideas For Girls Who Love Bows

written by Lucy Clarke

10 Bow Gift Ideas For Girls Who Love Bows

As a parent, you will be no stranger to your daughter coming home with a new craze. For some girls, it’s ponies. For others, it might be flowers. And then some girls just really love bows. To help, I have put together a list of bow gift ideas, perfect for the bow-lovers in your life. The best part? They’re suitable all year round!

1 – Hair Bow Sets

No bow-loving girl’s hairstyle is complete without a pretty bow to wear each day. And so the top of the gift list is definitely a pretty bow to wear in the hair. Buy a set and you can even match the bow to your little one’s outfit choice for the day.

2 – An Etsy Gift Card

Perhaps your little girl is starting to become a bit more independent and would rather choose her own bows? Then an Etsy gift card is the perfect gift. And you’ll get an extra buzz in knowing you’ve supported an independent business when she’s looking through all of the amazing bow gift ideas on Etsy.

3 – Cleo Can Tie a Bow – A Book To Teach Your Child

bow gift ideas cleo can tie a bow book

This beautifully illustrated book has been created to help your child learn to tie a bow – a useful and rewarding skill for children. And if your daughter enjoys following Cleo’s tale, then you can even buy extra Cleo merch from the Girls Love Bows Gift Shop!

4 – Wall Decals

You can find a range of bow and ribbon wall decals online. Decorate your daughter’s bedroom and she can enjoy bows every day when she wakes up!

5 – Craft Supplies – Help Your Little One Create Their Own Bow

If you’re looking for bow gift ideas for someone who loves to craft, why not buy some ribbon, glitter, glue and scissors and get crafty? You and your little one can spend an afternoon designing your very own bows for each other. Simply look for a simple guide online and get creative!

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