Introducing Mama’s Time Out By Rachel Nee Hall

Mama’s Time Out

By Rachel Nee Hall

Genre: Children’s Dysfunctional Relationships and Children’s Law and Crime Books

The Time Out book series is geared to young children to help them understand their world when a parent, sibling, or other loved one is incarcerated.

In a relatable and age-appropriate way, the animals in each story share their struggles and revelations as they maneuver a difficult situation.

Through the eyes of Junebug, Nibblit, and Butters, children see that they are not alone.

The interactive nature of the books will gently open the lines of communication so that the child may feel less fear, confusion, and shame while learning to adapt to their new normal.

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Lisa 5.0 out of 5 stars Tough topic with a tender approach

I was a little skeptical that there is a series of books to help children understand what it means when a relative goes to prison, but I am pleased to say that the Mama, Daddy, and Peanut (sibling) Time Out series does a wonderful job with a tough topic. I plan on keeping 2 sets of the books with me at all times. One set for my bookshelf and one set to share with those in need of the comforting message of this trio of books.

Retha 5.0 out of 5 stars Important

This book nearly had me in tears. And I can only imagine what it would feel like for a child to have to see their parent in prison. Mama’s Time Out is a poignant children’s book that follows one young otter as he deals with having his mother in prison. It is a tough thing to go through, but luckily author Rachel Nee Hall gives readers a picture book that is informative and conveys very important emotional messages to young readers that; it’s not their fault, their mama still loves them, and they will be together again one day.

The art in this book are beautiful pieces of watercolor illustrations depicting emotive otters in various situations. Each page can be a discussion prompt on its own, but there is also a helpful discussion guide at the back of the book that helps children and adults have a discussion on this difficult subject. Having a parent in prison is a tough subject to broach but this book makes it easy and covers the emotional turmoil that comes with having a parent incarcerated. Mama’s Time Out is an imaginative and enlightening children’s book covering a life changing topic. If you have a child in your care that has a parent in prison, this book is a must read.

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