Introducing Pablito Bandito #1 Operation Mailman By Tomi Hall

Pablito Bandito #1 Operation Mailman

(Pablito Bandito the Fastest Chihuahua in the Midwest)

By Tomi Hall and Illustrated by Mar Cholula and Tomi Hall

Genres: Children’s Dog Books and Children’s Action and Adventure Books

What does an elite troop of dogs and their chihuahua leader do to get revenge after being viciously attacked by their arch enemy, the mailman? Hilarious events arise as General Pablo and his soldiers work together to get back at the mailman. After all, if he had just brought cookies like all mailmen are supposed to, there wouldn’t be a problem in the first place. Meet this wonderful cast of characters as you cheer for their successes and laugh at their failures.

Chapter 3 Reveal

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Pics From The Book

Chapter 1 – Mailman Treats

Chapter 3 – Kids At Table With Pablo
Chapter 7 – Cap Singing Under Tree

About The Author

Tomi Hall

Tomi Hall is a retired teacher who decided to finally write down the stories that have been in her head all these years. She combines her skill as a graphic artist to create these books. An advocate of finding dogs a forever home, her current rescue dog, Katie, keeps her amused with her antics. Katie likes to climb trees after squirrels and jump 6-foot fences to visit her friends in the neighborhood. Visit and follow Tomi Hall on Amazon.

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