Introducing Marvellous Magical Chakras By Megan Knight

Marvellous Magical Chakras

Written and Illustrated by Megan Knight

Marvellous Magical Chakras is a light-hearted verse that has been designed to be read aloud and enjoyed by all. This magical book unlocks the mystery of the chakras in a subtle way that is enjoyable and simple. As well as uncovering the colours of the chakras and the roles that they play, this book also touches on the impact of blocked chakras and how to call upon and visualise a healing light. It also brings an empowering knowledge of how to ground and protect yourself. This book is accompanied by heartfelt hand-drawn illustrations that add to the healthy wonder of the seven most well-known spinning energy discs.

Get the book in the UK in paperback or in the US in Kindle or paperback formats.

Marvellous Magical Chakras was inspired by Megan’s two amazing children and their learning journey of the energy centres. This book is for those parents who are looking to enlighten and empower their children with key knowledge of the seven main Chakras.

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