Introducing My Favorite Letter: The Alphabet Comes Alive! By Susan Gilpin

My Favorite Letter – The Alphabet Comes Alive!

Written By Susan Gilpin & Illustrated By Hailey Footer

Genre: Children’s Alphabet Reference Book

My Favorite Letter describes the personalities of the letters of the alphabet in a fun, new way. Its playful language and delightful illustrations bring the alphabet to life, enchanting children and adults alike, with every page offering an interactive experience. Learn what letters are the happiest, funniest, and newest, and why you should put your hands in your pockets and take a peek at P.

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Ieditit 5.0 out of 5 stars This paperback version My Favorite Letter is So Much Fun

I’m so glad this is out in paperback! Now I can write in it and add some of my favorite words starting with each letter of the alphabet. I have sent this to so many friends — both those without and those with kids or grandkids. I know everyone will enjoy it, and have already heard from those who have received it. They are delighted!

A fabulous book for avid readers, literary types, and especially for children just learning the alphabet. This Book brings each letter alive with its own backstory.

Now my nieces and nephews and grandnieces and grandnephews and my other book-loving friends can write some of their favorite words and have fun learning and playing with the book and the alphabet!



Opening “My Favorite Letter” reveals the author’s thoughtful attention to the different ways children learn.
This book works for young children who are visual learners, participatory learners, or auditory learners (with a reader reading out loud, of course)! The illustrations are boldly colorful and racial and gender inclusive. At the end of the written explanation of each letter is a sentence inviting the child to print the letters of his/her favorite word beginning with that particular letter in the alphabet. The author includes plenty of words for each letter for the child to choose to copy and, therefore, learn by doing. Some of the illustrative words for each letter are vocabulary expanding and some are already favorites of young learners.
Best of all, “My Favorite Letter” is a fun, colorful, humorous book that will be irresistible to all young learners.


Elizabeth Johnston 5.0 out of 5 stars Creative, Clever & Educational

I loved reading this book with my kids as much as they did. I learned so much about some of the letters of the alphabet – things I never stopped to think about! It’s really quite thought provoking and a wonderful family read. My kids loved thinking about their favorite letter – they haven’t picked just one yet! The illustrations are delightful, too. Bravo!! This will be my go-to book gift for kids of all ages.

Susan Gilpin

About the Author

Susan Gilpin is a writer and imaginative entrepreneur, creator of Bespoke Bingo, the Perpetual Calendar of Endless Possibilities, and When I Retire at Night. A graduate of Willamette University in Salem, Oregon with a degree in English literature, Susan spent her working career in technical publications for engineering and high tech companies. She lives in Portland, Oregon with a cat named Casey. Please visit her website at Follow Susan on Facebook and Instagram.

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