Introducing Tiny Giants Books By Roger Thompson

The “Tiny Giants Books” Kick Starter Campaign

By Roger Thompson

What is this all about?

Roger Thompson has an idea to take personalized children’s books to a whole new level. Most personalized books only offer to place your child’s name in them. This is so much better. Not only will you be able to customize the character in the book to look like your child but you can also customize the audio reader to read it out loud in a voice that sounds like yours or your child’s. Read Roger’s Story below and if you like the idea as much as I do, head on over to his Kickstarter campaign and click the big green “Back This Project” button to make a contribution to getting Tiny Giants Books off the ground. It is one of the better ideas out there.

Roger’s Story

This project is an innovation of a company known as the TINY GIANTS BOOKS which solely focuses on developing books that not only will enhance the child’s learning experience but also give them hours of pleasure as they will want to read the stories again and again. These books will be covered in humour and illustrations that will help fuel their waking imagination.

This company is centred on producing books that allows the child who is gifted the book, becomes the star of the book. This makes each child the focus of the story in terms of the appearance of the leading character and name that the leading character has. This makes them more invested in the story.

 The books are open to all children from different nationalities from around the world as we strongly believe it’s important for children to have these wonderful stories where the heroes look like them.
 These books will also enhance the reading ability of the children as we will integrate a “Read Along” mode to ignite a child’s imagination and spark their curiosity about the natural world around them.

My name is Roger and I am the brain behind the project. Before we get started I have to tell you although I am nervous I am filled with excitement to launch this project.

I have had my own business for over 15 years before the pandemic so I am very self disciplined and know how to focus to get results. I am a father of two children, a boy and a girl. Although they are both grown up now and I was busy working long hours and travelling a lot when they were growing up yet I would always find time to read with them. A lot of the time we spent making up stories about them and the natural magical world around them.

I remember wishing if only there was an easy way to get their names and likeness into a book where they could see themselves as the hero. A book where they could go to from time to time to relive the adventure they were having on the pages in front of them.

This project is important to me because while there are many wonderful children books in the world, there is nothing quite as personal as a book with beautiful colourful illustrations, where the leading character is customize in the likeness of your child. The ability to change the characters hairstyle, hair colour, eye colour and skin colour to reflect the likeness of those important children in your life. The ability of the story to incorporate the child’s name along with the story being tailored to whether it’s a He or She that will be the recipient of the book.

Your contribution will not only help us develop book that will enhance the child’s learning experience but also give them hours of pleasure as they will want to read the stories again and again.

Your contribution will allow us to make use of cutting edge technology to build our Website. These books  come in several different formats, from a printed hard or softback book that will be delivered gift wrapped to the home of the child or a downloadable eBook that you can use directly on your mobile device, to an online AI Read Along version that will read the story back to the child and highlight the words as they are read to improve the child’s reading skills. 


I have noticed a drifting of traditional family time for those in the 3-7 year old range. They seem to have a real fascination with these mobile devices and a number of the apps/games they can play on them. Whilst I would not wish to hold back technology, which  I think it is a vital piece of our lives in this present day.

However I am caught up in the usual fears for someone with a couple of generation divide from children so young, What if they are so busy peering into a screen that they forget the natural and beautiful world around them?  What if they never look on a grasshopper or other bug with the curiosity that most of us observed on those lazy summer afternoons at the park or in our back yards  when we were younger. 

There is no getting away from technology but I would like to use it as rocket fuel to enhance these Tiny Giants imagination and use it as a bridge to better understanding the world around them, and not something to sever their connection with the natural wonderful world.

By backing this project or even just sharing our link with your friends and family you will be helping to do your part to keep our young ones connected to nature one page at a time

What We Need & What You Get

I have managed to gather a great online team around me and whilst I am wanting to keep cost to a minimum getting the best from our budget is important to me. 

Cost to develop the Website and the book is 25-30000 dollars this will entail the following:

  • Create a website which allow for the customization of children’s books. The customers of the website will be able to create a book according to their preferences and have the option to download the book directly to their mobile device, PC or have a hard or soft copy printed version sent to them using a third party printer and postal service.
  •  A Developed backend admin panel to allow the fast upload of new books and customization assets for the character assets.  
  •  Develop a program to interface with online read aloud app with the ability to highlight words as the AI Reads Along to the child. The ability to pause and bookmark at any point in the reading.  
  • Develop  “AI VOICE SYNTHESIS” software that allow for a client to have their voice sampled and the software will allow the text from the story or any further stories they purchase to be read back to the child in their voice.
  • Integrate into our website back end software to send each customized book to our Print on demand partners to deliver whilst being able to track the books delivery progress. 
  •  Hire Illustrators to create vibrant illustrations of all the characters in each story. 
  • Illustrators to create over 300 interchangeable assets for the featured characters (otherwise known as an  Avatar).
  • A professional writer and editor to bring my stories to life,  
  •   promotion of the website and books 

Aside the satisfaction you derive from donating to our cause in other to bring this unique idea to reality, we also have a a number of great perks for you to choose from.

Other Ways You Can Help

Get the word out about our book and the feeling behind it, Seeking likeminded people. Pass on our details to friends, family and social network. Talk about us (positively of course). 

Risks and challenges

The major challenge we are facing right now is the necessary funding needed to bring this unique project to reality. This project has a number of difficulty from the technical of the software that need to be developed and integrated into the website and the appeal of the writing and illustration. I have got a great team together who are ready to work endlessly to see to it that it all works smoothly.

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