Introducing Life at Loon Lake By Ashley Lovette

Life At Loon Lake

A Children’s Mystery Adventure Chapter Book

By Ashley Lovette and Illustrated by Dorothy Chapp

For ages 8 through 11

With the end of fifth grade here, Sam and her friends can hardly wait for summer to begin. They are looking forward to sunny days filled with fishing and adventures on Loon Lake. Little did they know that a mystery would fall directly into their laps. When they notice Old Man Starn dragging a tarp into the woods with what appears to be a body in it, the kids are determined to figure out exactly what is going on. What is OMS up to? Is their lake neighborhood safe? Sam and her friends are resolved to get to the bottom of things, no matter the cost.

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Pamela 5.0 out of 5 stars Brings back my childhood!

I loved this book! It brought back memories of being a kid and playing with others in the neighborhood, finding adventures, and imagining what might be happening around us. I’m excited to read it with a group of 3rd graders at school and see what they think! Share it with the kids in your life- they will be glad you did!


Matthew 5.0 out of 5 stars A “Must Have” book for any kid (or kid at heart)

Amazing book – a great read for children, and for adults remembering the adventures we had with our friends when we were young. It brought back a lot of memories of summers at my grandparent’s cottage at the lake. I bought it for my niece, and she loved it so much I read it myself. Glad I did!


Patrick 5.0 out of 5 stars Great, easy to read book. Worth reading every year!

This is an awesome book for children. Fun to read and hard to put down. Something perfect to read on those rainy days at the cabin.

Ashley Lovette

About The Author

Ashley Gochenour grew up in a small rural town in mid-Michigan. She currently enjoys teaching special education in an elementary school in Eaton Rapids, Michigan. Ashley has been married for 18 years to her incredible husband, Brian. Together, they have 3 amazing children; twin 13 year old boys Kaleb and Keegan, and an 8 year old daughter named Khloe. When not teaching or working on another book, Ashley is usually at a sporting event for her children. Both Ashley and Brian enjoy fishing and spending time in the northern part of Michigan.

Ashley currently uses her maiden name, Lovette, when publishing children’s books. Follow her Amazon Author Page for book updates.

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