Introducing Underground Aliens – A Story of Hollow Earth By April Christine Slocum

Underground Aliens

Introducing A Hollow Earth Story of Good and Evil

By April Christine Slocum with Illustrations by Alfin Fadholi

Genre: Middle Grade Sci-Fi Chapter Book

Meet Grandfather, an ex-military hero, and his two curious grandchildren with their pet dog Muffin. Grandfather is in for a surprise when he finds the children and Muffin have stowed away inside his military plane. The family finds themselves captive in a strange inner world after their plane flies into a large dark hole in the Antarctic. Little do they know that they will be in the grips of the evil ones. In their adventure below the Earth’s crust, they are rescued by a gentle Lady and her king through supernatural means. The family is sent back to the surface to help save all of humanity from being enslaved by a hidden evil that lurks in the depths of our own planet Earth!

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About the Author

April Christine Slocum

April Christine grew up traveling the North American Continent with her single Mother and her two younger brothers Peter and Matthew. She continues to travel at every opportunity to this day. You can find her travel vlogs at

April is a Child and Family Specialist in the field of Psychology; holding a Doctorate in Divinity, a Masters in Psychology, a Masters in Organizational Leadership, and an additional 3 years of PhD studies in the area of Counseling and Psychological research.

April loves to help others and believes that lifting people up is the best reward. She considers herself to be a Global Citizen and a Servant Leader. She has many years of experience with other cultures, religions, and governments. April is the proud Mother of 3 wonderful adult daughters.

April divides her time between her home country of Canada and the United States of America. Her hobbies include Travel Vlogging, Writing, Photography, Historical and Religious Studies, Reading, and Paranormal Research.


Alfin works professionally as a 3D animator for a large children’s media company. He is very talented as an Artist in Drawings, Book Illustrations, 2D, and 3D works. He currently lives and works in Indonesia.

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