Introducing 150 Mandalas For Stress Relief and Relaxation By Freya Bree

150 Mandalas For Stress Relief and Relaxation

Coloring Book For Adults

By Freya Bree

Connect with the world around you as you relax, find inner peace, and let your stress melt away with these beautiful Mandalas.

It’s time for you to focus on you. Relax, take your mind off the day, week, month, or even all of 2020 and 2021 while grounding yourself in the moment. Coloring has been proven to help calm and de-stress us while allowing you to rediscover your inner artist and nurture creativity.

Life can be stressful—combat the day-to-day strain with this adult Mandala coloring book with 150 unique designs!

Relax, unwind from your day, and enjoy these unique Mandalas—the perfect adult coloring book for de-stressing.

With these 150 Mandalas, you can lose yourself in restorative meditation while taking a break from your busy daily routine. Express yourself, promote self-care, and do something kind for your mind—you’ll thank yourself later!

Product Details:

  • Each mandala is uniquely designed by the artist.
  • Printed single-sided on bright white paper for enhanced ease of use and enjoyment.
  • Premium glossy cover finish that keeps stains away and always maintains the clean fresh looks.
  • Perfect for all coloring mediums.
  • High quality 60 pound paper stock.
  • Large format 8.5″ wide x 11.0″ tall pages.

Looking for the perfect gift for that tightly-wound family member or friend? Look no further! Life is tough, but we can get through it together. So grab a copy for yourself and someone else and discover a sense of peace and the boost from helping out someone you love.

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A Note From Freya

Mandalas are intended to deliver wisdom, evoke feelings of calm, and channel focus and concentration Life is crazy and many of us are stressed and stretched to our breaking point.

That’s where this Mandala coloring book comes in. By providing countless hours of rest, relaxation, and meditative coloring experiences, this coloring book can help you unwind, de-stress, and be fully present in the moment.

Coloring repeating patterns has proven to have a calming effect on mental and physical health. With 150 Mandalas, you can find peace, inspiration, and foster a deep sense of comfort with your life. It’s time to nurture your inner artists and find an outlet for the creativity you’ve been holding back.

About The Author

Memories of childhood have been coming back often lately in Freya’s mind. Gone are the days running barefoot in the Tibetan mountains and learning mediation for the first time in an old mountaintop temple far away from all the noises of life. Those days, Freya regularly found herself daydreaming in the world of never-ending flows of colors and patterns in her own mind and in the flows of energy only a child can see and feel.

Many years later, entwined deeply in the financial world of one of the most vibrant cities in the U.S., the memories of the innocent days come back more and more often. Freya knew she needed to do something to calm her inner child. She allows herself to see colors and patterns and to feel the movement of energy again. This time, the overflowing colors and patterns appear in various mandala forms – the oldest Buddhist practice to experience transcendence of Self and the universe as well as the impermanence of life.

Creating mandalas has now become more than just a pastime hobby for Freya. She is on a mission to share those exquisite colorful patterns of wisdom, love and peace to anyone who is ready to receive them.

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