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Globaloonies 2: The Horrible, Catastrophic, Messy Room Disaster by Max Candee

You would think that once young Joey and his pet chameleon Larry safely returned from their first Big Red Button time-travel adventure, they would want to breath a big sigh of relief. But they can’t. And why is that?

Because breathing would be dangerous to their health in the toxic wasteland otherwise known as Joey’s bedroom. Whooo-boy, that place stinks to high heaven! And now Joey’s mom has laid down the law — until his room is cleaned up, the Big Red Button is off limits.

But accidents happen, especially with loopy lizards stumbling about while under the influence of dirty clothes hamper fumes. That’s right — while trying to help Joey clean, Larry mistakenly steps on the Big Red Button, sending him and Joey off on a new, three-stop time-travel adventure.

Why does Joey feel so sheepish about retrieving his Big Red Button from the White House lawn? What do you call a one-horse town after the one horse leaves? Can you be cooped up for eating chicken with a fork?


Genre: children’s adventure and fantasy chapter books, ages 6-11.

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A Couple of Reviews To Help You Choose


Ellie5.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyed this one! Reviewed in the United States on August 28, 2014

Yet another fun book from author Max Candee. Book 2 picks up from book one and Joey and Larry are off to their adventures again. I felt some of the lessons in this book may be over the age range it’s intended for (Probabilities) but the book is very entertaining and not really meant (at least from what I can tell) to be solely for teaching. I enjoyed the adventures and trouble the two get into and this book definitely makes me want to grab book 3 to see what’s happening next.


Janie rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition ‘Globaloonies 2: The Horrible, Catastrophic Messy Room Disaster” by Max Candee is book 2 in the series.

Each book is a read alone but the series is very enjoyable so I recommend them. Reading this book with my 10 year old daughter we went on another adventure with Joey Papagopolis and his lizard Larry. In this book we are invited into Joey’s messy room with a laundry basket full of very dirty, toxic smelling, clothes and a pizza slice that has been in the room so long that it is growing mold. When Joey’s Mom enters she has had enough and tells him that he can not go on any adventures until his room is clean. What happens is that Joey and Larry accidentally send themselves on another wild adventure and learn about the importance of keeping things organized. The photo’s and descriptions in this story are hilarious. Once again we learn a little about history with how Woodrow Wilson kept sheep.

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