Introducing The Colorful Balloons By Kalliopi Raikou

The Colorful Balloons

(Greek and English, bilingual edition)

By Kalliopi Raikou with Illustrations by Vivi Markatos

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Being in a long distance family challenges your resilience. There are many emotions to manage and one finds himself in two cultures and two or more languages. However, there are always smart ways to improve communication. A grandma has found one to help herself and her grandkid keep track of their love, language and moments.

What did Jason and his grandma come up with? How is he going to count the months until they meet again? The feelings and the thoughts of a young boy who lives with his parents in Dubai. His grandma helps him enjoy his days there but also remind him of his roots.

This sweet little story is brought to you by Fylatos Publishing.

A Couple of Reviews To Help You Choose

Review 1

Dilara, Istanbul – I liked Jason a lot. The bond with his grandmother is great. He feels that he belongs to a wider family when he is with her. When he is abroad having a life, fun and enjoying attractive places still keeps that bond and remembers the simple joys with his grandma. There is also a message to parents having a career abroad reminding to bring their kids regularly home to keep their bonding alive. Good job!

Review 2

Meline Mallos – Children’s Author, Educator & Researcher – “Kalliope Raekou has created a sentimental narrative about the emotional toil of migration, from a child’s perspective. Themes of separation, longing and togetherness are addressed so poignantly through a balloon to symbolise the enduring connection between a grandchild and grandmother. We are living in difficult economic times where families are separated – but never permanently – our love can travel to our dearest ones no matter where we are located. An imaginative read for children to learn their months and color! I highly recommend this book to families and elementary teachers.”

About The Author

Kalliopi Raikou was born in Athens in 1971. She studied Literature with Humanities, has a Diploma in Classical Studies and Education, and trained in Art Therapy in Special Education. Kalliopi is also a qualified teacher of Greek as a Foreign Language and now teaches Greek to students from all over the world. In 1997, Kalliopi was awarded the European Label “Stimulating Language Learning” from the European Union and the Greek Ministry of Education. She has also contributed to a book for kids of the Greek diaspora in Australia. Her two children – Orestes and Electra – help her carry on and observe life.

If you would like to have a more personal contact with Kalliopi or a signed copy and a handmade journal, reach out to her at Instagram.

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