Introducing 7 Nights – One Touching Story For Every Night: Best Friends By Din Daniels

7 Nights – One Touching Story For Every Night

Second Story – Best of Friends

By Din Daniels

Tommy is very smart for his age, but he still have some things to learn. Everything is fine in Tommy’s house, until Tommy meets a new tough kid from school, and he tries to convinced Tommy to make a mistake.

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adi a. – 5.0 out of 5 stars – A lesson that teaches respect for the parent
A lot of kids are adversely affected by their friends’ behavior, And that makes me worried. My kids never got rude to me, it only happened once when a new kid came to kindergarten who was rude to his parents and my son apparently he heard and was also dragged into it. I am very careful all the time to teach them to respect me, and this story helps me.

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About the Author

I write whatever comes to mind, and most of what comes to mind is what Ive been through, things I lived, things I keep re-living, and things that keep coming back, things I thought I will never remember again.

I decided to write children’s stories, stories I wish my biological mom would tell me as a child, stories that could’ve helped me when I grew up. Just like my life story, I am hoping the children’s stories will help children all around the world fight fear, doubts, and help them concur their dreams, and grow up to be happy.

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