Introducing 7 Nights – One Touching Story For Every Night: Powerful Peter By Din Daniels

7 Nights – One Touching Story For Every Night

Third Story – Powerful Peter

By Din Daniels

Peter is a smart, bright, adorable and powerful 9 year old boy from Tel-Aviv, Israel. Peter is a special boy with special powers. Peter was born to a dentist mother and a business man father. They didn’t have
powers like Peter, but they had their own powers. Peter was born with special abilities. He could fly, pick up heavy objects that even big, strong men couldn’t. Peter could move things with his mind, start a fire with his hands and other cool things but there was one thing Peter couldn’t do and that thing was feeling empathy.

Because Peter was born with powers, he was a difficult kid to teach empathy. With time, Peter had grown a very big ego, using his powers to impress others and embarrassing people to get others attention. He insulted friends at school, refused to do his chores and behaved like a baby when he didn’t get what he wanted.
Peter was very bright and he knew he was different. He also knew he was doing something wrong but he couldn’t understand what. He only knew it had something to do with his powers.

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adi a. – 5.0 out of 5 stars – my kids love this box
My kids enjoy when I read them this story, plus I’m glad it gives them a lesson to be friendly people, and that it’s okay to ask for forgiveness if you made a mistake. it’s already the second time they’ve asked this week that I read it to them again.

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About the Author

I write whatever comes to mind, and most of what comes to mind is what Ive been through, things I lived, things I keep re-living, and things that keep coming back, things I thought I will never remember again.

I decided to write children’s stories, stories I wish my biological mom would tell me as a child, stories that could’ve helped me when I grew up. Just like my life story, I am hoping the children’s stories will help children all around the world fight fear, doubts, and help them concur their dreams, and grow up to be happy.

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