Introducing MindStir Media – Self-Publishing with Assistance

MindStir Media Review [2022] – Self-Publishing with Assistance: Features, Pros & Overview

As you know, I’m a supporter of self-publishing, but not everyone has the skill or patience to self-publish a book on her own. That’s where MindStir Media is a perfect fit, for those authors who want to self-publish but need help doing so professionally. After all, there’s no sense self-publishing a book if it looks amateurish. If you’re going to self-publish and compete on the market, you must have a high-quality product – from book design and editing to PR and distribution. MindStir can handle all of those services for you.

Reviewing MindStir Media’s Self-Publishing Features

If you have a Microsoft Word document, all you’ll need to do is purchase one of MindStir Media’s publishing packages and then upload your manuscript to start the process. MindStir has over a dozen paperback/ebook and hardcover packages to choose from. All of the packages include book design, distribution, printing, and some level of marketing and publicity. Obviously, you’ll get more marketing and PR with the higher end packages.

Some major perks or pros with publishing on the MindStir Media self-publishing platform:

  • Authors retain all rights.
  • Authors receive royalties up to 100%.
  • Authors get mentoring from USA Today bestselling author J.J. Hebert.
  • Authors have their books distributed to around 39,000 retailers, wholesalers and booksellers in nearly 200 countries.

Additionally, MindStir Media is a top-ranked book PR and marketing agency that offers a full suite of marketing services that you can purchase with a publishing package or a la carte. Highlights include celebrity endorsements, bestseller campaigns, PR campaigns, author website design, social media marketing, virtual book tours and more. All services offered by MindStir Media are hand-picked and endorsed by bestselling author J.J. Hebert.

MindStir Media Overview

MindStir Media is an award-winning self-publishing company founded by J.J. Hebert, a USA Today, Wall Street Journal and no.1 Amazon best-selling author. Hebert is a contributor for Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine. MindStir is partnered with celebrities including Tori Spelling, Mariel Hemingway and Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank. Since 2009, MindStir has published nearly 1000 titles, many of which have been Amazon Best Sellers and award-winners.

MindStir has also been positively reviewed by Gary LeVox from the Rascal Flatts and Tom Arnold, comedian and actor. MindStir is ranked the #1 self-publishing website and platform by Kev’s Best, Penny Matters, BestTechie and Influencive.

It was recently announced that MindStir Media authors will have their books presented to Tori Spelling for potential film/TV development. This is a major announcement for indie authors that is sure to change the landscape of publishing.

Interested in MindStir Media?

You can download their publishing guide here. The guide outlines the company’s process and pricing in more detail and you can sign up for a free publishing consultation to discuss your book project and whether or not it would be a good fit for MindStir’s self-publishing platform.

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