Introducing The Vampire’s Missing Cape By Steve Staples

The Vampire’s Missing Cape

Written By Steve Stables

The Vampire’s Missing Cape is A Funny, Hilarious, Rhyming, Read Aloud Children’s Picture Book that your Kids will treasure.

The vampire flies from his cave and is captivated by the bright lights of the city. He enters a Dancing club, before he knows it, the cool, funky beats moved through his arms and down to his feet. Dancing away the night the Vampire suddenly got hot and sweaty, leaving the dancefloor to have a rest. He found another room where there was nobody around and took off his cape off to cool down. He stepped outside to get some fresh air, when entering back into the room his Cape had gone.

What would happen to the Vampire without his Famous fashion accessory?

How would he cope to this terrible news?

This a story teaches children never to give up hope when things seem bad.

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Jessica K

The Vampire’s Missing Cape is a laugh out loud rhyming book that is sure to engage all young readers. It ties fantasy and real life together with bring the Vampire into a normal party while he is warm, he misplaces his cape. This leads to him searching a bit but able to recover it. 5 stars out of 5

Maria A

This was such a fun little story for me and my kids! They love when books rhyme, and this one had them giggling from the illustrations! Definitely a great book for kids and adults alike. 5 stars out of 5

Sarah K,

My seven-year-old cackled through the whole thing. “Would you believe it was there the whole time?!”

Fun, easy to read, and received lots of laughs! 5 stars out of 5

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About The Author

Steve was born in a small town in the Northwest of England, where you had to have a good sense of humour, as the weather is truly terrible. He now lives in a beautiful small coastal town in New Zealand (Where the weather is a lot warmer and drier).

Steve has always had a passion for writing books, and his Northern England dry humour always made people laugh or cringe. He has produced his first Children’s illustrated book which is called “The Vampire’s Missing Cape,” together with a second “Is My Brother a Zombie?”

More books are on the way, see his website:

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