Introducing Richard Wants a Moon By Charma-Lee Ritchie

Richard Wants A Moon

By Charma-Lee Ritchie with Illustrations By Lisa Davis

Genre: Nature

This lighthearted story follows a lovely boy named Richard who is fascinated by the moon. Most children if not all has a great love for the moon. His quest to get his own moon ends up in lessons of shapes and wonders. The lessons from this book will grab every child’s attention and spark their imagination at the highest level. The lessons will be unforgettable. It helped Richard to solve a problem. Will he get his own moon in the end?

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Review By Garland Horatio Porter – 5.0 out of 5 stars

This book was excellent for all ages! Very educational and simply written. Kudos to the author!

About The Author

Charma-Lee is a wonderful mother to an amazing boy named Richard and an awesome wife.

Over the years she studied several courses and got educated in the areas of business management, office management, computer science and social work. There is no end to her talents and abilities. During the pandemic, Charma-Lee developed a great love for decorating, drawing, and writing. They are beautiful innate abilities that came to light. The relationship she has with her son and their daily conversations encouraged her to utilize the opportunity to write this book for him. This book promotes brain development, problem-solving skills, learning and will help every child to think imaginatively.

Mrs. Ritchie loves to read, cook, play lawn tennis volunteer, be adventurous and is an excellent video creator and video editor She manages several social media sites and is great in the freelance area. She has a big heart of love for others.

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