Introducing The Best Books For Learning To Tie Bows and Nooses – List on The Shepherd

Discover The Best Books on The Shepherd

The Shepherd is a website that features recommended book lists by many authors and my book list The Best Books For Learning To Tie Bows and Nooses just happens to be published there. You’ll find my book, Boo’s Shoes on the list along with 5 more books on the subject. I’ve included a brief fun paragraph on each for why they fit on my list.

All authors are welcome to submit their lists.

The topic/theme of the book list and the book you feature are entirely up to you. I recommend that the list is near the subject of your book to match the reader’s interest (or a good segue or antithesis). If you want, you can mix fiction and non-fiction, and that is entirely up to you.
The topic/theme can be as narrow or broad as you want, and adding your personality to the title is very popular with readers.
So it can be very broad, fun, and provocative with things like: 

  • The best books to manage bloody depression
  • The best books that capture the magic of Galicia Spain
  • The best books on why the French seem to be in denial about their own history
  • The best psychological thrillers that will make you think
  • The best novels set in the later Roman Empire

Or, very specific around a topic with things like:

  • The best books on Abraham Lincoln
  • The best children’s books about astronomy
  • The best books on the most famous battles of the First World War

Visit The Shepherd now to read about the books on my list, The Best Books For Learning To Tie Bows and Nooses.

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