Introducing Miss Gifty’s School by Catherine and Melanie Lemesle

Miss Gifty’s School

A Kindle Vella Serial

By Catherine and Melanie Lemesle

Genre: Fantasy Mystery for Children

Christopher-Georges, 11, starts his first day of 6th grade at a mysterious boarding school : Miss Gifty’s school.

Miss Gifty’s School has 7 episodes so far. Read Episode 1 now.

1.A mysterious boarding school2.Mr. Pouce3.Strange things

2. Mr. Pouce

3. Strange things

4. The magical gate

5. A weird nurse

6. Learning to fight

7. The dark shadow

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Kindle Vella is a serialized reading platform, with a readership consisting mainly of young readers, in the vein of Wattpad and Radish, where readers can access stories released in short episodic installments, either on the Kindle Vella app for iOS or Android, or on the Kindle Vella website on desktop. Episodes can range from 500 to 6,000 words, and the first three episodes of any Kindle Vella story are free to access.

About The Authors

This book was written by a mother (Catherine) and her daughter (Melanie). Melanie is also a songwriter and a singer. This one is called BLANK PAGE.

Melanie says, “I’ve never had a boyfriend”: I was so nervous writing that lyric, because I thought I wouldn’t be cool if I said it at loud. But when I started to write the music, the fear just went away. I think that everyone asks one day : “What’s love all about ?”

Listen to Blank Page on Youtube now.

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